2000 Citroen Xsara L 2.0 HDI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Great car, if the wiring had been carried out better..


I own a 2001 Xsara 2.0 HDI 90 hp, and have had intermittent starting problems since I got it in October 2005.

It's been back at the Peugeot dealer I bought it from about 7 or 8 times. They have on 2 occasions replaced two broken wires, replaced the little brown relay etc. It has conked out on the motorway, but are now at a loss of what to do...

Lately, about once or twice a week, it will not start, and only when the wires are jiggled about will it do so. The fuel pump (at the tank) is priming as I can hear it going. The engine is turning, but does not seem to get the fuel!

I wouldn't say I am my whit's end, but it is very inconvenient to say the least.

Most people tell me to replace the car, but as it has only 70,000 miles on it and it going well (when it does start), it seems a shame to give up on it. If possible, I'd rather get it repaired, but no-one seems to be able to do it. Any tips on how to proceed?

General Comments:

It's great when it starts, purrs like kitten etc.

If it doesn't start, well you can guess...

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2010

2000 Citroen Xsara LX 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Bad luck or bad car?


New clutch at 97000 - Started getting worse - it's an old car and probably running on its first clutch?

Exhaust, 94000 - Again wear and tear of an old car.

Air bag light, 94000 - Common issue on this car judging from previous posts.

Battery, 95000 - Wear and tear on old car.

Head gasket, 10200 - Bad luck may be, noticed it was caused by a small leak that was constant when I bought the car.

Engine management light - High fuel consumption, misfiring and idling issues since I have had head gasket repaired, possibly new coil pack or lambada sensor required.

General Comments:

The car looks good for its age. I think that's Citroens full stop. Even the engine has no leaks or large signs of age. I believe it's poorly put together and very high wearing.

In the little time I have had this car, which doesn't look like a banger, it actually is very unreliable. I drive like a 90 year old man around 14 miles a day, and when I first got the car, I was doing high mileage and put the wear and tear down to that. Although remembering when I was younger and drove bangers, they did a lot better than this car.

I have owned it around 9 months and have changed almost 30% of the vehicle. Dealer was a joke, a hose needed for the heater matrix is still on order, that was almost 4 months ago!!! If you have a budget 500-1200, avoid Citroens or just get finance for a new car. These Xsara's are not reliable at the mo, on a full tank due to the misfiring I am getting 200 miles out of 40 pounds worth of fuel, never mind, let's hope they keep this scrappage scheme open for me next year October :-)

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Review Date: 14th December, 2009

2000 Citroen Xsara LE 1.6i from Malaysia


Practical and cost effective motoring at its best!


1) Gearbox was faulty as the 'Limp Home' mode keeps coming on. Snow and and Sports light. Rectified the problem by replacing the solenoids and uploading the latest software for the gearbox ECU.

2) Noisy squeaks and rattles from the interior panels and rear seats.

3) Noisy suspension and undercarriage.

General Comments:

Besides the 3 faulty areas of the car, the following are the positive points:

1) Unbelievably low fuel consumption.

2) Safe and comfortable ride.

3) Good handling.

4) Good mid range torque from a 1.6 litre engine.

5) No frills and fuss free motoring, gets you from point A to point B and back in total comfort, safety and with the lowest fuel consumption.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2009

28th Jun 2015, 22:01

I owned this car, yeah for sure good handling, and nice fuel saving. Recently my gearbox had a major problem and I've already changed solenoids after that still warning limp mode. How can I upgrade to the latest ECU gearbox software? It's already a week that I haven't used the car.