24th Jan 2003, 10:15

I bought mine at 2 yrs and 6 months at £7200. On paper about the quickest thing for the money. 306 gti-6 looked £5k more for practically the same car. I had a few electrical glitches fixed under warranty and a headlamp replacement was more costly than I thought. Insurance is expensive and around town fuel consumption is high (low 20s mpg). This rises to 30mpg on a run and possibly 35 if you don't use the performance.

In general I've been very pleased with it. Its practical, comfortable, understated (Attracts very little attention from Police or car thieves!) has loads of kit for the money as well as performance.

Handling is secure. I've not really explored its limits. In the dry it just grips and grips. You'd have to be shifting some to explore the envelope and I'm just a bit to aware of my own mortality at this point.

Is starting to rattle a bit now at 42,000 miles, but I can live with this for the saving.

26th Feb 2003, 10:44

Another problem I have had is the drivers door locks on remote, but won't open on remote. have to use the key, any suggestions?

18th May 2003, 12:58

Had my VTS for a year and have since changed cars. I miss the performance, the wolf in sheep's clothing proved very amusing at traffic lights. As for the engine management problems. Well never had his, but do own another PSA car and believe the secret is to allow the car ignition to initialize. This is done by waiting for the engine temperature gauge to go out before turning the engine over.

27th May 2003, 07:29

Original writer spoke of back seat rattles. Has anyone else had this problem? I've had it from new and dealer 'can't hear' and 'can't cure'. Any comments would be useful.

Peter A

26th Oct 2003, 03:30

I have had my Xsara VTS 2001 model for 2 months now. I have been very impressed with its handling of corners, sounds system and levels of driver seat comfort. However, I the fuel gage is often inaccurate and the engine light has turned on twice since I have had it.. I would appreciate any comments by owners who have experienced similar problems. Thank you.

26th Apr 2004, 15:39

I owned a VTS for 3 years as a company car. It was overall a very good car, fast, good road holding and comfortable. I will however have to say a couple of things spoiled the car. Twice the inlet manifold blew itself to pieces, this happened when I turned off the engine, but left the key at position one, when restarting after 1 minute a very load backfire and a limp to the dealer, 2-3 days to repair. Also the drivers seat completely disintegrated after 2 years, looking back the first signs were creaks and the seat not wanting to slide back and forwards. I had no electrical problems at all, it ate front tires, but as all servicing was down to the lease company it was no problem.

In all a great car, I miss it, especially as I went to Rover 75 next, but now have Skoda VRS estate, fantastic!

I drove a Pug GTI-6, not as good as the Citroen, steering was a good half turn more lock to lock and 6 gears take some work.

12th Jul 2004, 19:38

Regarding the Ignition problems - interesting to read all the comments. Mine suffers exactly the same problems, i.e. briefly running on 3 cylinders. OK on restart, but engine management lamp lit for several days. Accompanied by 'pollution fault' on LCD display. It has done this for almost 3 years, since new. It has been returned 12 times, it has had numerous software updates, new lambda sensors, new cat converter, new coils (twice), new plugs, maybe more I'm not aware of. The dealer admits defeat, has no support from Citroen, and the warranty is due to expire soon, so I guess I'll have to live with it. Also rear seat rattles - push the folding seats back with a good slam, usually cures it, they don't lock in too well. Plenty of other rattles though. Despite all this I still love the car.

23rd Jul 2005, 14:11

I had an S registration VTR for 3 years during which I didn't have a single problem with the car so I replaced it with the VTS on a 51 plate. For the most part I have been happy with it, but there have been a few problems. Most notably with the electronics and I still haven't found out the cause or how to fix even after visits to the Citroen dealers.

For weeks it will behave itself, then I will get a glimpse flash of a warning on the display unit that show the bonnet is open while driving along! Every time I stop and check it. Its always firmly locked.

Also I have had instances when the headlights wouldn't switch off at night! Also, one occasion the radio/cd locked up while driving on the motorway. Couldnt change what I was playing from the controls on the wheel or the radio. Couldnt even switch off the radio! Only thing I could control was volume. Normally these problems are fixed by switching off the ignition, removing the key for a moment and then switching back on.

Recently the alarm system has started acting up. Its OK for ages and then will keep going off for a period of time and I don't know why. Set the switch to disable the internal sensor in case it was something inside the car, but it still went off.

The car is now rapidly developing a number of annoying rattles and squeaks. One in the rear adjustable seat belt mounts is really loud and has been there since the car was new.

One the whole I don't think I will get another Citroen as the build quality seems a bit hit and miss.

31st Aug 2005, 18:01

I also own a 51 reg Xsara 2 VTS coupe. Am also a mechanic at a Citroen main-dealer, Not suffered any electronic problems with mine, but have had a problem with window motors! 3 in the last 2 years, 5 including original owner, seems a little excessive for a 2 door car. Is this only a problem with mine though?, as I've never changed one at work ever. Agree with other comments about, power, handling and a whole host of unstoppable rattles. Totally wicked car for the money second-hand and such a thrill to drive. Any one with any Citroen and an intermittent air bag fault should cut-out the 2-wire connector out from under both front seats and re-join wires colour to colour. Fuel gauge faults are common with xsara's, you might get lucky by re-intializing (see owner's manual) all the electronics and software by turning the ignition on and remove the live (+) terminal from the battery (never with engine running).Wait 5 minutes, turn ignition key off and reconnect battery. You would not believe how many faults are cured by this procedure.

19th Jul 2006, 06:15

I have had a 51Plate VTS for 3 months now!

£1000 later, 8 visits to a main dealer and it still cuts out, shaky performance provided by what seem inadequate electronics!

It would be nice if Citroen would provide more assistance for the cutting out issue, after all they built the car.

Endless door rattles, but that's why we love Citroens so much.

Would be made a perfect little number with a new ECU!