3rd Jul 2007, 07:01

Xsara HDi. We had have endless and numerous electric problems with countless garage visits, but still no fix. The problems disappear and return. At the moment the car is stuck on the street as we dare not call the AA yet again. there is no movement from the diesel pump and the STOP warning is on yet again and we're unable to start.

6th Sep 2008, 06:41

I own a Citroen Xsara 51 reg and have had a few problems within the year I have owned it from second hand. Firstly the headlights seem to want to turn themselves on when driving and am waiting for some driver to pull me over and accuse me of flashing them on the road. This problem occurs nearly every time that the car is driven, you first of all notice it when you see the headlight reflection on the car in front in broad daylight then you can see it displayed on the dash. The headlight switch is still in the off position.

Recently though a new fault has reared it head with the strange knocking/vibrating sound coming from the front of the car when you take your foot off the accelerator, but stops when you reapply. Mechanics cannot be sure what may be causing this problem keeping in mind that a full service has just been carried out. Some say it may be the clutch others the gearbox. Be wary as mechanics out out for the most expensive fix, I do not want to be fleeced. I have has quotes for a new clutch from £160 to over £400, how can there be such a big difference for the same job to be done.

12th Aug 2009, 09:11

Iv had my 2001 51 Plate Xsara VTS (167bhp) for about three years now. Bought it for £3500 with 38,000 on the clock. Had an electrical fault when first got it which was fixed under warranty. Passenger airbag warning light (Was a cable under drivers seat) common fault. Then had cam belt done at dealers and they massacred my engine needing a whole new top half, but done under warranty. Have since then had many faults and currently have an electrical fault. I'm no mechanic, but do most of the services myself other than belts. Has been seriously modded and now pumps out around 180-190 bhp.

All in all, a fantastically powerful car for the money, and even given the faults it has been very reliable on a day to day basis. Push it and you'll leave most stuff like Cooper S and the like behind, thinking what the hell was that, but you will pay for it in fuel and be down in the 15-20mpg, but drive like a granny and I've had 41.83mpg.

On a track it handled like it was stuck to the surface with glue, and stunned most people in much quicker cars. Only got 12mpg on track though.

Any one got any questions, just ask, I've had and fixed most faults including major electrical ones and the crappy Citroen dealerships.

11th Sep 2009, 05:46

The last guy/lady who posted, please don't leave the site, I'm about to buy one!!! It's my first car and I'm female so I will no doubt need your expert help!!!

17th Sep 2009, 16:41

I have had a 2001 VTS for the last five years, and have had hundreds of faults, from the electric window motors going all the time, to the clutch, gearbox, radiator and all of the lights lighting up like a Xmas tree.

The window wiper arms aren't great either, but even after all that the Xsara VTS will always leave you wanting more, and is one of the best handlers on the road.

Oh and I must have put on at least five door handles on a two door car. LOL.

21st Jul 2010, 17:53

I have had my 01 plate Xsara VTS 167bhp for over 2 years. I bought it with 34k on the clock, and it cost £3200 with FSH, and it was mint!

I have had on and off problems with the computer showing "ANTI POLLUTION FAULT", even though it still has a standard exhaust. This stayed on for 5 months, but has gone now and it passes the M.O.T. while showing the fault!

Recently the driver's seat started squeaking and rattling, then promptly fell to bits the other day (need new seat). The interior door cards have never fitted properly, and have rattled since I got the car.

However I love the car, it upsets Civic Type R drivers and all but the fastest Golfs. It leaves my mate's Toyota Celica, plus with Optimax fuel in, gives standard Scooby's a run for their money! BARGAIN HOT HATCH. Love it!

18th Aug 2010, 08:24

Central locking problems can be solved by using the initialising procedure below:

-switch ignition ON

-press and hold lock button for 10 seconds

-switch ignition off

-wait 3 seconds

-synchronisation procedure is complete

-confirm sync. with locking and unlocking the vehicle.

8th Apr 2012, 11:44

Hi. You may have the automatic light facility on. This will allow the lights to come on when daylight weakens. Press and hold the end of the light stick (it has 'auto' printed on it) in until you hear a 'beep'. A message will appear on the small screen in the centre console telling you when this facility has been activated (but not when you switch off I believe). Try that.

27th Apr 2013, 02:29

Have had my Phase 2 VTS in the garage for nearly a week now. Can't find the problem causing the engine to run far too rich and rough. Changed lambda and cat, checked map sensor and oxygen sensor; still no joy. Looked at fuel pump. Does anybody have any ideas?

30th Mar 2015, 12:26

Have just got a 2001 VTS - radio will not play CDs - although it did on the first day. Is there any quick cure?