21st Jul 2002, 16:34

I own a 1992 1.9i volcane that has a 0-60 time of 8.1 seconds (average over several runs).

There are no mods at all so the 16v will east do sub 8 maybe even 7 seconds.

5th Sep 2002, 03:44

I have got a Citroen ZX Reflex 1.9 diesel (non-turbo) and I was wondering whether anyone knows where you can have turbo conversions done? Simply I would like a turbo put on so it goes just a touch quicker!

Has anyone got any contact details for any companies who do this particular kind of work?

Urs Truly Bainsy

30th Jan 2003, 16:08


I have recently purchased a 1996 ZX 16v. It's got all the toys including full leather interior and air con.

I find that the performance is poor until I reach 3800 rpm (approx),then it fly's! Does anybody know why this is? It has had a K&N filter fitted, but no other mods and has been owned from nearly new by a friend. Prior to this it was a demo car for Citroen UK.

15th Apr 2003, 06:09


I have a 1993 ZX 2.0 16v. My car also only really takes off at around 4000rpm. Is this correct or should there be a more steady power flow.

Also is the engine a peugeot Mi16 exactly or modified by Citroen?


Rob H.

4th May 2003, 14:43

In response to the previous comment:

It depends which Mi16 engine you mean. Early Mi16's had a 1.9-litre 16v, as used in the Citroen BX 16v. Late Mi16's used the same, unmodified 2.0 16v as featured in the ZX.

Hope this helps.


13th Nov 2003, 02:34


When the engine wears out get one from a mark 3 ZX, GTI-6 or Xsara vts this engine had 167bhp as standard.

Will be playing with the GTI-6's then!

Does anyone now why there is such a big market for the ZX 16v in Brazil?

18th Nov 2003, 09:28

I absolutely love the ZX 16v one of my favourite cars of all time :) I would like to purchase one in the near future, so what are the common faulty/problem/things to look out for???

4th Jun 2004, 09:41

You notice the acceleration kicks in at about 3800 revs as that's the valve management working, also that noticeable (enjoyable) high pitch scream kicks in here too. It would be better if it cam in earlier as if your cruising at low revs it doesn't feel as fast as it could be. I just had the cat removed on mine (the 167bhp) version and now the power comes at about 3600 which you wouldn't think it, but feels a lot earlier i.e. quicker acceleration. Sounds better too.

15th Sep 2004, 12:47

I was given a ZX 1.8i Aura recently (yes Given).I think it's a great car although when I try to put my foot down it seems to hold back until I ease of the peddle. Anyone no why? Also has anyone even heard of a 1.8i Aura before? as I've not yet seen another one. I would also like to know if there are any body kits available for it? I've been looking and come up with nothing so far!!

30th Mar 2006, 10:47

Hello I have a zx dose anyone no if anybody kits you can get for them cause I have found not one yet I have been looking for 4months.