1974 Commer Van pb 1.7 from UK and Ireland




Front brakes are biased to the left, left side snatches on and locks up front wheel. have replaced the pipes, cylinder and still doing it any ideas?

General Comments:

Starts first time every time, roomy, comfortable.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2005

8th Aug 2005, 07:20

Hi there. Are the front end bushes OK?. Are the front pads correctly regulated so they both start braking at the same time? Did you replace the RIGHT SIDE pipes, cylinders, etc.. or the left side ones? If the van pulls to the left, it is more than likely that something is wrong with the right side brakes. Or, try changing both right and left side brake springs. Perhaps the left ones are stretched and/or weak, and make the left drum brake earlier and stronger than the right side. Also check right side for possible bearing grease leakage. Good luck, please let me know what was the problem when you fix it.

1973 Commer Van 1.7 from UK and Ireland


Very comfortable spacious reliable van


Rear axle oil seal.

Prop shaft universal joints

King pin bushes.

General Comments:

Excellent driving position. Equally comfortable whether you are 5 foot or 6 foot 6.

Light steering.

Handbrake operates on front wheels - really works.

Narrow front track so you never get stuck against the kerb.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2003

29th Sep 2012, 09:11

But I'm 5'10!.. will I fit still!?

Thanks, Matt.

1979 Commer Van 0.8 from UK and Ireland


Characterful van demonstrating 1970's strength/reliability


This is a very rare van, about 2 a year are seen. Mine is in light blue - it sits outside my house everyday - I don't like using it much because there are no dealers left! The youngest Commer would have been made in about 1980! When used - only to go into Twickenham town itself, but that is hardly ever.

General Comments:

So old that it has no heater/radio, but I really like it. Good loadspace, rare, hopefully I might take it on a long run to give it a blast, but I won't take it over 60mph - too risky. Quite comfortable and roomy. Seats made of 1970s plastic - windscreen wipers weak. Fun van though - not often seen! Runs on 4 star petrol - I have only ever filled it up about 40 times!

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Review Date: 20th April, 2000

16th Dec 2000, 18:44

Spares are available for these vehicles.

If you want more info email me: woodytom@madasafish.com

25th Jan 2001, 14:56

I have a 7 ton 1963 Commer Horsebox based on the H5 design, coachbuilt by G.C. Smith. If anyone finds any, let me know as I want to start collecting & restoring them (for some obscure reason), or SPARES.

I also have the 7 and 9 ton maintenance handbook if anyone needs info.

Email: mat@eggblob.com