30th Apr 2001, 06:56

I bought a 1973 Commer camper in September on a nostalgic whim for £600, having spent my youth holidaying in Dads. They're great, bodywork seems to go first but very useful and full of character. I'm doing mine up ready to go round France in it. Speedy Spares in Shoreham, Sussex have loads of spares for them - 01273 417889.

5th May 2001, 11:01

I have an ex-BT Dodge van (formally Commer). Its X-reg - the last year they made 'em.

Its lasted me 12 years, several holidays, house removals, piono transport etc.

I'm struggling this week to get it through the MOT. Its never been a problem before, but the bodywork is getting harder to cope with. Mechanically its sound - only 78000 miles.

I reckon that this time next year I'll have to let it go. Is there anyone likely to want it. Are there any enthusiasts?


3rd Jun 2001, 14:41

Just bought 1977 Commer 2500 series minibus. Needs very little work but missing a front side light - know anywhere to get bits near Manchester?

15th Jun 2001, 04:01


We own 3 Commers. We are currently doing up our 1968 model (F reg) with the parts off an old K reg.

We have lots of spares including an excellent perkins 4.203 engine, clutch & bell housing, tyres, a body for Mr Francis in Kent, a side light lense for your last caller & many more.

Our friends are enthusiasts & carry out excellent work on welding & fitting. They have just replaced all our brake pipes, caliper resealing, beam axle, king pins, new bearings in the hubs, pistons in the brakes, new half shafts, steering linkages etc.

We are currently after a full set of brake linings, chassis no. C15413X.

Please send us details of the Commer annual rally. We'd love to attend next years.

We insure through Norwich Union vintage car policy for around £130 a year limited to 3000 miles annually. We get complementary RAC cover with that!

We love our Commer & still visit the original owners who used it as a walkthrough shop. In fact we had a call off Gordon the other day & he got us in touch with his mate whom we bought the spare Commer from. We've even got original photographs!

Get in touch.

Lynne, Dazee & the girls.

2nd Sep 2001, 09:22

Hello Commer lovers.

I have a 1976 CRG10 but she is sick. I need a new half shaft. Does anyone have a 10 ton axle that they are breaking for spares. Please help. Contact roughyhewn@talk21.com.

6th Dec 2001, 23:03

I've not long ago bought a 1978 1725cc Commer camper van. I don't have much information about its history, but I assume it was assembled here in New Zealand as the speedo is in kilometres rather than miles. Whether the camper equipment has been in it from new I don't know; it's certainly beautifully done: pop-top, two burner stove/grill, manual and electric water pumps and a massive double bed that's as wide as the van when it's all folded out. The stripy seat and cushion covers that someone's made at some point are just wonderful. I use it for day-to-day transport as well as for going away in and I'm definitely looking forward to the coming summer!

Now, if anyone can help me out with information and experiences with Commer vans I'd be very grateful. I'd love to know where I could get hold of a maintenance manual - I know they're not particularly complicated mechanically but I'm learning about engines as I go. She runs really well, the only current problems being that the radiator's had it (guess I'll get a recore done as parts are a bit thin on the ground here in NZ), as has the brake light switch (might end up improvising something here) and she leaks some oil. I guess the latter is normal for old vehicles but I'm going to have a go at tracking the problem (s) down anyway.

Must get some photos on the web at some point too.

Thanks in advance,

Adrian - hey_its_adrian@yahoo.com.

19th Jan 2002, 06:58

I am looking for Commer PB panels as I can't find any anywhere. I am currently restoring a Commer PA and would benefit from panels, especially doors and sills.


Richard Williams


26th Aug 2002, 22:16

G'day. I just bought a commer van 2500. It has a pop-top and I plan on restoring it. I paid $50 for it and all that needs done is a few rust spots and a respray. I have a manual, but I don't know if it is for my van, as I don't even know what year mine is. As I said it is a pop-top, but I think it is an after market one because there is no equipment inside to make it a camper. Any information regarding engine + brake specifications would be appreciated.

21st Sep 2002, 05:30

Having recently seen a Commer van, this brought back many happy memories when my Granddad owned two. With this in mind, I am very interested in purchasing a 2 - 4 berth Commer motor home. Can any body please advise the best places to source such vans.

Please E-mail on simon.hales@btinternet.com.

5th Feb 2003, 05:44

Hello. I am looking to buy a Commer Walk-Through type van - does anyone out there know of one for sale? I'm planning on converting it to a camper if and when I get one. I'll consider anything, but a runner would be preferable. Is there an owner's club for these vehicles?

Contact me on tidytom@aberystwyth.com.

4th May 2003, 02:55

Hi from Paul in Adelaide, Australia. Some years ago I bought a Commer Campervan that had been privately imported from the UK. I bought it from a man whose Dad bought it in England and, according to his son, loved it so much he bought it back to Australia. The van sat in the shed for many years after the original owner died and I bought it in 1996. I think it's a 1969-1970 model. It had only done 44,000 miles on it 1725cc engine. It starts first time every time. The solid folding pop-up roof is ingenious.

There is a little wear in the king pins, which I have not been able to source in Australia. Any ideas? - I will also need the stub axle bushes. I would love to replace the 4 speed box with a five speed - you don't get anywhere fast in Australia at 40mph. Someone was after a workshop manual. I have an original.


Adelaide, May 2003.

5th Jul 2003, 01:25

Hi, my name is Trev and I have a Commer 2500 series for sale. I bought it to do up as a project, but have since moved on to other projects. I live in Adelaide, S.A.

It is a pop-top camper, but the canvas needs replacing. There is also quite a lot of surface rust, but most of it is cosmetic and can be repaired quite easily. The engine runs like a dream, but I have never had it on the road. It also needs tyres and a new brake fluid reservoir, but the brake shoes have plenty of meat left on them.

The interior is very good.

I am only asking for $100 for this van. It will make an excellent restorer for anyone interested in Commers.

The chassis number is; AB5824LWS0.

If anyone is interested in buying this van please contact me at;