4th Oct 2003, 05:25

In Practical Classics magazine, one of the writers (James Stanbury) is running a Commer van. There's always monthly snippets about it in the Staff Car Sagas section of the mag.

11th Oct 2003, 10:54

Before taking it to the dump, would anyone have use for a windscreen and one rear window from a 1969 commer PB 1725 van? Email NEdmndsn@aol.com.

2nd Jan 2004, 11:16

Have various secondhand spares for Commer PA/PB, Dodge Spacevan including gearboxes and engine parts. No body panels, some Spacevan trim and light assemblies (no Commer lights). Offers for whole as would like to clear soon, may split. 01297 553101.

16th Jan 2004, 16:27

Well an interesting thing to find indeed. I'm Stuart, down in New Zealand and own a 1978 PB Commer Minibus type van and am searching for manual info on timing, etc. I actually have a mechanics workshop manual, which the mechanics I were using have misplaced! I have also two owners manuals which are a 'great' read, but don't have any real practical information. I have also ended up wrecking a rusted out 1974 2500 walk through camper for parts. So I have spare parts (luckily) as there is only one car wreckers in New Zealand (in Dunedin) that I have found. And talk about problems, I could go on for hours!! Well can anyone help me out with info on the timing? I would be extremely grateful. My email address is adduprod@yahoo.com.

2nd May 2004, 00:46

Hi, I've never driven a commer van, but remember them from my youth as the quintessential BT van. they always looked a little unstable due to the narrow track.. are they?

If I could find a panel van or mini bus I'd love one, but sadly the only ones you seem to see are campers.

Are engine upgrades possible?

8th May 2004, 13:04

I am 24 and also remember the Commer van! I loved them and would love to have one now! The church I went to at the time used to have about 15 of them, which they used to pick everyone up!

Micheal Edwards.

3rd Sep 2004, 08:55

I have a Commer PB Camper van. I am looking for some replacement panels to enable me to restore the van. Can anyone help?



9th Sep 2004, 06:35

I have recently purchased a 1969 Commer camper. I plan on taking the van down to France for 10 days - I'm actually leaving this Saturday. I've found it very difficult to get any foreign breakdown cover though, as the van is over 11 years old - Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so are there alternative breakdown agencies to the AA and RAC? Thanks! - Dan.

17th Oct 2004, 13:02

Hi commer/dodge fans.

I have a number of parts for the PB series, inc suspension, handles, lights some chassis panels (no ext. body panels. There are hundreds of bits, but I have yet to catalogue them.

Any specific enquiries can be made to me (in England) 01423 770347 or e-mail Karen.maltas@talk21.com.

I currently have a 1980 ex-mail van and a 1979 TV-detector van! The latter is about to be restored.


17th Nov 2004, 13:52

We run Commers and other Rootes vehicles in our club in Holland. For more information please look at.


They have a very informative site.

As we ran out of spares for these cars, a useful source is www.rootesparts.com. They ship worldwide.

29th Apr 2005, 14:51

Hi, I'm currently restoring a Commer camper 1971. I don't know if it's a PB or Dormobile as I have little knowledge, but it was love at first sight. anyway, got her through the M.O.T and I am now doing the interior, I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on bench seats (for the front) and hammocks for in the roof. Cheers. Rachael.

4th May 2005, 07:04

Hi Rachel.

I too have started out on a restoration project of my 1965 Commer PA. I would be happy to converse with you (perhaps about getting an English Commer site going too as I am sure you have found no definitive resource online like me!)



4th Jun 2005, 00:49

In Holland we have a large Commer enthusiasts club, as well as a Rootes car club. The Commer club is catering for the large Commers and Karriers from the Walkthru type onwards. The Rootes club caters for the smaller vans like the Commer PB and PA, Commer Imp Van etc.

For contacts and spares:




30th Jun 2005, 18:45

Hi to all.

My name is Gary, I am 43 years old and clearly remember Commer PB and Dodges traveling our roads. And glad to say, I have recently become the proud owner of a Dodge Chrysler Spacevan (hi-line). What a beauty she is! The previous owner named her "BESSIE". She had been lovingly hand painted, and was well known by local people, with her name sign written by the owner across the front.

Sadly, he passed away last year and the van came up for sale back in Feb 2005. That is when I got lucky and became the new owner. There are not too many spares about, but the previous owner had left a spare, well everything; windows/doors/switches/brake shoes/bulbs, but sadly no body panels. The van/minibus as it was, is in for a respray and we are finding lots of filler from previous repairs. It looks like it may become expensive, but what the heck, you only live once.

Thanks for listening, I will let you know how it goes. By the way, I agree about a web site, good idea.


1st Jul 2005, 16:56

Got myself a 1982 dodge spacevan, one of the very last vans ever built. it has been converted to a camper with the roof and interior from a 1970 highwayman. the van was very badly handpainted and has been difficult to do much with, 5 coats of white gloss are not easy to get off. the sills along both sides had been poorly repaired in the past and an absence of replacement panels has forced me to fabricate some myself, alas without the wonderful original grooves. the handbrake was seized, but I have managed to have a new cable made as no one stocked a new one.

She starts first turn of the key and drove 60 miles home without a problem.

Just slowly working through to the MOT test.

14th Jul 2005, 14:59

Hi all, Gary here.

Well in my last comment, i mentioned my 1979 Dodge Chrysler was in the paint shop, and we were finding a lot of old filler present. The decision was made to pull her out and put her through an M.O.T.test just to assess the situation.

Guess what?she failed. But the good thing about this is, i now know what needs doing to her in order to pass. I was told (and shown) the only place where corrosion had been a problem was at the tail end of the chassis, within 300mm of the rear leaf spring hanger. (where chassis meets rear valance.) This means I can get the welding done, and get her back in the paint shop A.S.A.P.

As the last person has said, (didn't catch the name) i have also had to lose the defining swage lines along the sides, as a previous welding job along the sills had warped the panels (hence all the filler in the panels),they also forgot to include the floor into the welding. So I have had to cut into the side-panel/sill joint, and weld in a narrow strip to join in the floor. This has taken out the swage lines. A few pots of filler later and we have some nice flat side-panels for spraying. This also meant on the side door as well. Anyway I need to close now, see you all again soon.Cheers, Gary.