16th Jul 2005, 19:36

Oops, never realised I hadn't put my name to my post Gary.

Been all over (and under) the Dodge and I reckon it's just about ready for the MOT. Got it booked in for 11.30 on Monday.

I had a bit of a panic attack with the steering box as it had a lot of play in it. when I read the service manual I realised that it wasn't wear, but the built in tolerances, phew!

Had some real fun with the greasegun, some time ago I bought one that is air powered. 2 pots of grease later and I think its all done, I was finding nipples everywhere.

I checked out the brakes and was quite pleased to see that there are 4 very new looking cylinders fitted and I also found that most of the underside was undersealed, the chassis outriggers and jacking points are in good order.

I've sprayed the van in 2pack ford diamond white, it's not the best finish, but it's much better than what was on it when I got the van.

I've painted the sills with black hammerite, in fact I followed the sill line all the way round and I cleaned up the bumpers and painted them as well. I got some black bumper paint and tarted up the grille and light surrounds.

The overall effect is quite pleasing.

Heres to a pass on Monday, Nigel.

9th Aug 2005, 06:09


Are you thinking of selling any of the spares you inherited?

I managed to get hold of a few repair panels for the lower half and luckily that means the lovely louvres remain in place!

I expect to get her back from the welder next weekend and then in for her toughest MOT in years!

Still trying to find some time for the website, but will post as soon as there is something worth telling you all about.


31st Aug 2005, 18:01


I'm a long-standing Rootes enthusiast, but I'm drifting more and more towards the Commercial variants these days. I have several examples of the larger Commers and Karriers from 30 cwt upwards, and from 1939 to 1970. My favourites are the Superpoises, but I'm also a fan of the poultry models (Bantam and Gamecock).

I believe that the final Talbots and Dodges were produced under the ownership of RVI (Renault Trucks) at the old plant at Dunstable. This means that it is just possible that some spares can be found through Renault dealers as well as old parts specialists.

I have two sites of my own to support these vehicles:



I have never owned a PA/PB, but I have some parts available, including a few panels and quarter bumpers.

A few tips for PA/PB owners (done from memory, please don't sue if I'm slightly wrong about any details):

Engine and gearbox are essentially the same as Hillman Minx or Hunter, with detail differences.

Front suspension shares a lot of parts with the larger Humbers (Super Snipe and Hawk) and also the earlier Sunbeam-Talbots, but most of the later Humbers had disc brake front hubs.

Rear axle is also a parts bin special with many components shared with the Humbers.

There still seems to be no UK club for all Commers and Karriers, but the PA/PB is well supported by the Classic Camper Club.

8th Sep 2005, 05:45


I have a Commer Camper Auto Sleeper which I would like to sell. It has a fully fitted interior, is sound mechanically with many new parts and a years MoT. The bodywork is good. I was thinking of respraying it, but will sell sprayed or unsprayed. Any offers?? Phone 07751484485 Simes.

9th Sep 2005, 18:30

My Spacevan flew through its MOT and was subsequently sold. Apparently its now in the Bristol area. As a result I have in my possession one brand new (still packaged) front handbrake cable (handbrake to equalizer) and one used front cable (in GWO).

I also have one new (still packaged) brake cable from the wheels to the equalizer.

These parts are for the Commer PB/Dodge Spacevan and are almost impossible to find, the cable from the handbrake lever gets covered in crud from the front wheel.

I have a pair of used, but good rear shocks c/w arms and a pair of PB rear light lenses.

I bet that someone is desperately searching for some of these parts.


26th Sep 2005, 10:01

Hi All.

Just to let you know I have set up a forum where the Commer van can be discussed, and all sorts of useful information exchanged...


Not many of us there at the mo, but I encourage everyone to help make it the number one resource!


7th Oct 2005, 11:58

Hi again everyone, Gary here.

Been a while since my last visit, but I see everyone has moved to Johns new site, so see you there. Bye!

4th Dec 2005, 19:25


I have joined the Commervanfan.co.uk group, but I can only access it from work, as when I get home, I cannot remember what I add to the end of this web site address to get past the home page. My works computer goes in at a different web page, and goes around the first 'home' page.

It's quite interesting when you can get in.


3rd Mar 2006, 16:54

Hi ryan, couldn't tell you the reg of the old girl, I never really got round to remembering it.

Mine was painted in ford diamond white over original green. the sills were painted in hammerite, the line followed all the way round the van.

The windows were etched with an old 'H' suffix.


11th Mar 2006, 05:38

Hello everyone, I have just bought a 1972 commer highwayman, and it is currently in the garage awaiting work for the MOT.

The rubber seal around the windscreen is perished, does anybody know if it is fairly standard and can be replaced? Also the rubber on the door where it meets the window is missing and there is some rust. Will it take bodyfiller here and can I get replacement rubber for it?

Thanks! John.

19th Mar 2006, 04:01

I'm listing the following items on ebay, no reserve and all with a 99p start.

4622906282 used front hand brake cable, good servicable condition

4622909951 pair of rear shocks with links and bolts, used, but good

4622907304 rear light lens, for later vans (dodge)

4622906282 pair rear light lenses and fixing screws.

Auctions end between 18:58:31 and 19:28:46 GMT Tuesday 21-Mar-06. (no postage outside of UK)

Buy them and keep them for later. I hope these parts can be of use to some of you.

3rd Apr 2006, 00:27

Sounds good to me.

3rd Apr 2006, 00:36

I have restored a Sleep master, I have redone the inside, but kept it to the original style. I have fitted disc brakes to the front, a Toyota 5 speed, and mini lite style wheels. It was rusted around the bottom, so I rebuilt the bottom panels, it was a task to redo the grooves, but they turned out OK. The plan is to use it on a tour around Australia. It's light blue with a white top. Happy motoring, Peter.

30th May 2006, 11:43


I am looking for a Commer Walk Thru van to restore.

I have always wanted to own one, and have now decided at the grand old age of 46 that I can contribute to ensuring the marque continues in enthusiasts rallies around the UK.

If anyone one knows of where such a beauty is hiding, (any condition considered) then please get in touch.

Many thanks in taking the time to read this.

Regards Gerry.