26th Dec 2005, 04:05

Good or bad I would love to have a Dacia in USA. As I remember there should be some "Dacia" in Canada. I will buy one if I can find it! In any shape, I will rebuilt it. If someone has any information how I could get a "Dacia "in USA (I will consider a Renault 12 also) please email to dreamersisland@yahoo.com.

12th Jan 2006, 17:32

Personally, I don't know much about Dacia anymore... but from what I know they were OK for Romania. They do break down a lot.. haha... Anyways, I'm in USA now, and I would love to own one here, especially a 1410 Sport model...

If anyone knows or has one for sale, please email me at cazanama@yahoo.com

Thank you and God bless.

5th Jan 2007, 11:34

Oh well, I've just bought a '99 Dacia after driving one produced in '81 for over 50000km. The best part it's that I've promised myself that I will never take it to a mechanic because I can fix everything. And it's OK at 130kph, it dosn't drive you off the road.

22nd Mar 2008, 18:29

We have got a Dacia 1310. It is really old and seems cheap to maintain, doesn't consume lots of fuel and gets from A to B with out style. Simple car. Is there anything wrong with a car that can do all of the above?? Answer this to my email lawaldikko2004@yahoo.com subject: Dacia.

23rd Mar 2008, 06:47

My wife was born in Romania so I have had a chance to visit.. many of the comments are correct about the Dacia... Her brother still lives there and he is indeed a first rate mechanic, having been forced to fix the car even while moving. I never thought the car was safe, and worried about his family in the car. Of course I don't think the passenger side of the car ever worked... now he has a new car so I wish him luck. A very beautiful country.. did dracula make that car???.

2nd Jul 2008, 19:42

I'm from Canada. As a kid, I remember my town had a Skoda and a Lada dealer. There was no Dacia dealer. However, I remember seeing Dacias around (rarely). I've never driven one, never known anyone who had one. It's probably been since 1985 since they've stopped selling them here. If any of you, in the U.S. want a Dacia, I suggest you hit up some Canadian scrap car yards. If your lucky, you'll find a wreck and have to rebuild it. You'd probably be better off importing it from Romania. I've been to Cuba, recently, and didn't see any there, by the way. In Canada, You'll still find decent Lada's, but that about it. Lada: The VW of Eastern Europe!

30th May 2009, 02:59

I am from Romania and I have a Dacia 1310 TX from 1988. The car I must say it ran very fine for 20 years. The car was bought in autumn 1988 and was replaced in autumn 2008. Well in 20 years it didn't have major problems. From my point of view it was very good for those times. I would like to see a Ford, Chevy, Skoda... what ever lasting that long and still running fine. In these days the cars are good for 6-7 years tops, and off to sell or to scrap.

14th Sep 2009, 07:02

First of all, the Dacia 1300 and 1310 model cars are just the Romanian clones of the Renault R12... so if anyone has a problem with it, blame the french for it.

Even if its 1.4 engine struggles to produce just a little under 50hp, the versatility and endurance of this model made it the no.1 design in numbers produces all around the globe in Renault franchise plants.

No matter the road quality, no matter the driving style, these cars refuse to die. Of course that the probability for something to go wrong is great when all you understand by car maintenance is giving it fuel and oil, but when something really goes wrong, this is the car you will want to be in. Most of its problems can be easily repaired on the side of the road, and like a real military vehicle, it is quite forgiving when you do not have spare parts and improvise something to the next town.

In Romania I believe the more than 50% of the Dacia cars still in use have at least five improvisations :D.

For 300-500 euros, what fully functional car can you buy? Especially for those mean country roads or for a fresh driver (it makes a great beginner car, because it needs attention and teaches a little bit about mechanics).

27th Sep 2009, 23:37

I saw a lot of new Dacias in Europe last August. They are called Dacia Logan over there.

For less than $15,000 new, Renault diesel engine, plenty of room and not bad looking, they were OK. And they were quite many in such tough market as Europe's. They seemed a good buy. Why not have them in Canada?