25th Jan 2016, 21:19

The Duster LPG is fantastic if you live in a country of the European Union where LPG is excise-free like Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Lithuania, etc. I pay 0.35 Euros per litre of LPG, but in France I have paid double. The engine in itself is not economical because it is old and consumes a lot. But at that price, the costs of running a Duster LPG is much lower than the diesel version (the litre of diesel being at 0.95 Euros). Moreover, the Duster LPG version is very reliable (it is natural aspirated); much more reliable than direct injection turbo diesels. As for the maintenance costs, so far I am paying just for gas filters, because this car has self adjusting hydraulic tappets, so no need to touch the valves. Compare that with the costs of maintaining modern diesel cars.

12th May 2016, 14:30

I have to agree. The K4M engine, even when running with LPG, is more reliable than the two diesel versions. But if you live in a country where LPG is charged with excises and VAT, like France, it is not worth the hassle of running an LPG Duster. The cost difference with the direct injection diesel Duster is very small.

31st Mar 2019, 18:49

While the filter of gas phase is very accessible and, thanks to its electro-valve, it can be changed by a driver without any mechanical or LPG knowledge, changing the gas filter of the liquid phase is a pain in this car. In fact, all Renault garages refuse to change it, despite its substitution being requested every 60000 km. Renault and Landi Renzo placed the filter inside a reducer that is in a totally inaccessible part of the engine. It requires a lot of dissembling to access it.

Otherwise the LPG engine is very reliable. The car is economic because it uses cheap LPG gas, which is cheap in Eastern Europe, Belgian and Luxembourg; otherwise this car is expensive if used in a country where LPG is not very cheap.