2013 Dacia Logan 2 Ambiance 1.2 petrol from Belgium


A beautiful car for new drivers and people who just use a car for work purpose or shopping


Actually nothing went wrong with the car; only once I couldn't get my key into the barrel, so I just forced it in and it never occurred again.

General Comments:

Aah the Dacia Logan 2, a beautiful car on paper and to own if you are in poor man's land or just don't bother about luxury. I bought this car because I didn't have one and I was kinda broke. It looks like an Opel Astra 5 door, and it has a beautiful trunk in which you can put anything for a trip.

Let's talk about taking a seat in the driver's seat.

I was kinda sad this car didn't have the ability to adjust the steering wheel in height or depth. The dashboard is very clear. On the right side there is a little digital screen (yellowish orange) that shows the amount of fuel left and the km I have driven, trip and clock. Very basic.

Front windows are electric and the rears are manual.

The dashboard is made of hard plastic and is very sturdy.

The radio that came with my car was a very cheap one; it did have Bluetooth CD player and USB, and also a microphone for phone calls.

It never failed, but I really hated the sound that came out of the speakers and how loud you could use it. It is a very cheap car, so I presume they didn't want to invest much on the electrical level, but 2 times 5 watts or something sounds like a joke knowing you can get speakers with better performance or even a radio that performs better nowadays for like very little money.

So for those who buy a car for audio purposes, avoid the stock radio and get your own in there. And also there was no rear speaker wiring.

On the passenger seats, there is a lot of space; I never heard anyone complain about leg problems. Also when the trunk is open you can disappear in there and it has a very large volume. If you travel, you sure will have room for your luggage in there.

Let's talk about the mechanicals.

The car performs very well for a 1.2. It didn't lack any power when racing to 120 km/h (European roads), let's say something like 8 seconds. My top speed with it was 178 km/h . Now that's not a necessity as I never drive that fast. I ain't that young and stupid anymore to race on the streets, and driving safely has always been my rule.

Now I must warn that this car is very loud, despite the fact that they tried to improve this problem with this model, as the previous one was even louder... When I say it is loud I mean that you will have to speak loudly when driving on the highway and your radio will suck even more. The car does feel thirsty to me; I can't speculate on that exactly as I never did long distances with it, but I never trusted the digital fuel level indication. It kinda went down very fast for me.

Why did I get rid of the car?

I bought this car in 2013 because I didn't have one any more; I broke the engine of my Hyundai Coupe and I needed a car fast with the little money I had. So I bought this Dacia for 8000 euros, 0 km on the counter, brand new with that new car smell which we all like. Nearly 3 years later I decided it was worth selling it because it still has a good value and there are many people who would buy a Dacia nowadays. I shouldn't have waited longer as I knew the value would drop. It's a Dacia OK, don't expect much money when you have driven 30000 km with it. I received a beautiful 6000 euros, which I used to buy a Renault Clio 2015.

With my Dacia I did miss the ability to lower and heighten the driver's seat, and to be able to change the height and depth of the steering wheel. To be able to turn the stereo up. To be able to enjoy the road silently, and to turn up the heat during winter time... because it took some time. I missed the rear window wiper, cruise control and basically everything that is given on a more luxury B segment.

In conclusion of my review, it is a good car if you just go to your job and back and don't expect much; for me it was a handicap as I want to travel through Europe and see cities. I always thought it would explode in my face because the engine was loud or not well isolated for the driver. I give it a happy face as it never broke down in those 3 years.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2016

2006 Dacia Logan Preference 1.4 MPI from Romania


It's a simple car, but reliable and if you take care of it, it will take care of you!


Nothing has gone wrong with it, thankfully.

The brakes needed to be changed because they started to wear off, but that was very cheap to change.

The big problem on it that at some points there can be seen a little beginning of rust! That is the biggest problem with it, but thankfully the rust is still minor, and it's rusting where the car was hit once!

General Comments:

Its 1.4 liter engine is quite lazy at low RPM, but if you push it above 4000 RPM, then it accelerates quite good for its 75 horse power!

Very pleased with the car, it's comfortable, and the costs are very cheap! You can easily find parts to it, and they are very cheap as well!

The engine is running great, never had problems with it, and overall the car never had problems at all!

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Review Date: 30th March, 2013