2009 Dacia Logan MCV 1.4 8v petrol from Germany


Cheap, functional, reliable


Problems with double doors at the rear of the vehicle not closing properly. "Fixed" by dealer with glob of grease in the latches. Still hard to open and close now and again.

Otherwise nothing, not even a blown bulb. Early days though.

General Comments:

With 75 HP, it's underpowered for the Autobahn. But I knew that when I bought it. Up to 120 km/h is OK, after which much patience and ear protection is advisable.

Handling and comfort in the city and on country roads is surprisingly good. Really soaks up the bumps. Steering is direct and precise.

High seating position, good all round visibility.

With rear seat bank folded down, the luggage room is HUGE. Transported a 2m high family refrigerator lengthways (and in its carton), and could still close the rear doors.

Large metal bash plate under the engine and transmission for protection, I guess meant for developing lands.

Interior is sparse but functional.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2011

23rd Nov 2015, 20:31

Update: Odometer now reads 125000km. Needed the normal timing belt change at 100000km (water pump changed at the same time).

Ignition coil changed at 120000km, as the original Renault one was cracked and caused lumpy idling; replaced with a coil from Beru. Valve clearances checked and adjusted (only 8 valves, easy access).

Now purrs like a kitten...

2009 Dacia Logan Ambiance 1.4 petrol from Greece


One of the best economy cars ever made!


Until now, nothing!

General Comments:

This is the best car in its category. I purchased it in April 2009 with only 8.600 euros.

It has ABS,2 airbags, A/C, power steering, 2 power windows, remote power door locks, immobilizer and Radio-CD Sony with MP3 Playback and USB!

It is also very roomy and it has soft, comfortable seats. The Logan uses an old 1.4 8V Renault engine, which is not very fast, but it's very economical.

Everyone should buy this car!

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Review Date: 15th November, 2009

5th Dec 2009, 11:22

I am the original owner. The car had 002.408.8 km back then and now it has almost 003.000 km.

12th Apr 2010, 02:13

I live in Italy. Bought a Dacia Logan MCV in 07. Price vs. quality looked good. So far, every year something has gone wrong.

After 7k, the air conditioning unit needed replacing.

At 20k, grommets that stop the engine rocking needed replacing.

Recently the ABS system packed in.

On the positive side, the car handles well, is very economical (diesel) and roomy. I may have been just unlucky in my model, but I would have to think very long and hard before I would commit to another Dacia.

2008 Dacia Logan Prestige 1.6 16v from Germany


Lemon... totally a piece of garbage


Broken (cracked) camshaft after 2000 Km. This lead to engine totally failure, which needed replacement.

Steering problems (the steering mechanism was leaking) at 5800 km.

Plastics squeaking.

Electrical problems, the battery went dead. Problems with the alternator.

General Comments:

I thought it is a good deal but the car is a lemon. It is badged by Renault, and, as reliability IT IS A RENAULT. Failed at only 2000 Km! My previous Opel Astra G from 1998 had 280000 Km when I gave it away, and never let me in the middle of the road all this time.

Dacia... by Renault. A typical east European junk, made by cooperation with the junk maker Renault... a garbage. The only thing I like to this car is that it is simple. The quality inside is BAD, reminds me of Russian LADA. Instead of Dacia I would buy a Skoda Octavia or Fabia if it is for an East European car. At least Skoda is by Volkswagen not by Renault. Totally failure car.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2009

21st Jul 2009, 05:43

I am not sure you really are a Logan owner.

And even if you really are a Logan owner you were just unlucky. I know many people that have 100 000+ km with their Logans and no major problems.

Normally your problem is covered by warranty, so by now you should have a fully functional car. There is no need for so much anger.

Regarding VW reliability don't get me started...

Just read the Passat and Polo reviews.