6th Jan 2010, 07:12

Renault engines are one of the best engines today. I met the man whose Renault 1.4 liter engine had done 700 000 km without any problems.

31st Mar 2010, 11:18

LMAO! Renault engine with 700 000 kms? I had a Renault Laguna with 280 000 km and had to change transmission twice to get to that mark.

I'd only buy Japanese and Germans now.

2nd Apr 2010, 03:02

Renault engines are not the best engines in the world, but the gasoline ones are pretty reliable.

There are many Taxi Dacia Logan cars in Romania with 300 000+ km and the engine in the original state.

And trust me, a taxi engine takes a lot of punishment.

2nd Jun 2010, 06:50

I try not to be offensive to German drivers, but a few of them upset about the performance of the Logan is not the car's fault.

Driving in Germany isn't much fun, since the aggressive driving style forces drivers to compete with others. Beating others dominates on the autobahn instead of the passion of driving.

Logan is a sensible economy car with its limits.

This machine is built for transportation and not for releasing daily aggression.

Disappointed people usually buy the wrong car to begin with. They have beer budget for champagne taste.

I think the Logan is a fine beer.

9th Sep 2010, 23:26

You should have kept your Opel. The Dacia can't hold a candle to an Astra G.

4th Jul 2012, 19:12

I could still remember vividly how I first met this car, & the impression it created on me.

I had boarded a taxi, & then the 303,000+KM on the odometer caught my attention.

There & then, being the 1st car that will have such huge mileage (mind you I'm in Nigeria, West Africa) to me, I decided to start checking the car out. The engine sound still rocked great, & every bit of the pieces inside it were functioning. As I alighted from the cab, I took a glance at the back &, lo & behold!, I discovered that it was an unpopular car.

I made up my mind that day that it will be my 1st new car.

I'm preparing to own my 1st car. If not for money shortage, I won't dream of leaving that car for a fairly-used one.

It earned my respect that day.

It got me going to the Internet to do some research on it.

29th Sep 2014, 18:32

Hi all,

I just want to add a story we had in a Serbian national auto magazine: a taxi driver (operating mainly on open road) drives a Logan 1.4 8v 75HP for over 500,000km with still the original engine, unopened for general service, only basic maintenance (oil, filters, water pump...).

I too don't like the interior of basic models, but hey, one could choose Laureate trim; it's at least good as basic Ford or Opel trims, in my opinion.

Indeed, in East Europe we have a very different perspective about new cars, since most of us can't afford anything more expensive than 10-12k EUR.

About Logan, I always hoped they would make the same car with 5 doors (a liftback, like the Octavia for example), not only a sedan. The Sandero is not that, since it's smaller (shorter) than the Logan.

All the best from Serbia, VladSerb.

4th Dec 2020, 18:22

The problem is, how do you know that person - or anyone here on the Internet - is telling the truth? Dacia engines were not designed to last 500,000km unless it's being driven only long distances at cruising speed. As for repairs, that was a nice one, of course to reach 500,000 (if true) a car must have tons and tons of repairs, basically most wear parts have already been replaced once or twice.

6th Dec 2020, 14:47

Very well said, it happens a lot on here. There are claims of crazy high mileages "without repairs" which is of course not true, but I think the confusion comes from the "faults" section - some people do not list all wear and tear (tyres, brakes,etc) or remember to separate that from every fault (actual breakdowns, components failing) they had.

I do not know about Dacia, but I am in the UK and the Skoda Octavia is a very popular car with taxi drivers here, and there is plenty of evidence online showing them reach crazy high mileages, 400,000+. Of course they are not without repairs or issues; they have likely been through 3 alternators, 4 timing belts, new injectors, etc etc.

On the flip side some people believe all cars are dead at the infamous 100,000 mile mark, which is not true; look after any car and it can go to high mileages. Check out these videos for anyone that says it is not possible -