1998 Daewoo Cielo from India


Awesome, wild, beautiful, comfortable car


The ignition switch with the keys had to be changed a few times.

General Comments:

Very comfortable car ie nice suspension.

Powerful engine.

Engine noise makes you feel powerful.

Driving pleasure is awesome.

Drives like a racing car.

Very good pick up.

Comfortable seating in the rear and front.

Very safe car.

Nice air conditioning.

Good stereo.

Many features included like power windows, internal mirror adjust, and automatic antenna etc.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2010

1998 Daewoo Cielo GLX 1.5 cc petrol from India


Rough and tough beauty


It is heaviest car in 1.5 (1498 cc) sector in India therefore, breaking requires paddling whether on plains or on hills.

Little higher suspension would have given the car better performance only from the ground clearance point of view.

General Comments:

I bought three year old driven car in Rupees 2,70,000/- (appx $5500) in September 2001. I am enjoying comforts of worth Rs 8,00,000/- (appx $16500). The car was within my budget so no loan amounts to be paid. Only fuel cost. Contrarily, I am not to pay huge loans EMI, Insurance, then expenditure on top on fuel.

I have driven many cars of my friends in U. K while playing Cricket for nine good seasons. I found the feel quiet close to Cavalier. Friend of mine drove this car in India and appreciated it.

My car is engaged with only one mechanic since purchase. I may have spent about 50,000/- appx in past six years including tyres, battery, Service etc & on Excellent Mechanic (Doctor) of my car.

I have got official LPG fitted to my car as per suggestion of my mechanic Dr. Satpal, therefore, I benefited on fuel efficiency too. The car presently consumes an average of 13.7 KM per litre and 10 KM on hills on petrol.

A full tank of gas appx Rs.1400/-,the machine drives appx 550 KM on highways giving 12.22 KM per litre of gas i. e appx Rs 2.50 per kilometre almost equivalent to 800 to 1000 cc petrol car. Wonderful, isn`t it?

Moreover, I am fully loaded with spares like, all belts, leads, fuel pump, water pump, rotter, Ignition switch, distributor, plugs, clutch& accelerator wires, fuse etc for need in emergency any where. The boot is accomodating luggage tools, Gas cylinder and parts of emergency kit comfortably.

Recently, I have been to "Munsiyari" almost 700 KM, a base camp to Millam Glacier at almost 2748 meters above sea level. Got the car breaks bleeded at Pithoragrh and on return at Bhowalie. It was dangerous track with lots of rough patches from place calledThal,steepy Ghats to Munsiyari and back. We were four adults and three kids (one of & 7 yr and two of 11 yrs age). Literally a packed car.

The car has never troubled me any where so far and if it occurs on a occasion I am sure Dr Satpal and I can sort things. I am contended with my car, though unfortunately, a safe car by Indian standard has stopped manufacturing in India. Parts are easily available in Delhi, where I live, which are cheaper in comparison to other 1.5 cars of various makes.

Next tour I want to go is to GOA appx 2000 KM from Delhi when ever God permits.

Sorry for being carried away.

Best Regards to readers

Shirish Srivastava

23 Chitra Vihar

Delhi 110092



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Review Date: 7th October, 2006

1998 Daewoo Cielo GLE 8v 1.5L from India


A great buy


The fan belt transmission fuse point blew at 32000 Km.

The seat height adjuster broke at 34000 Km.

The A/C is becoming less effective.

General Comments:

This was in fact a very good buy. It keeps up to it's name and performance.

I is just great for Indian roads, and gives me a very smooth & comfortable drive.

The engine is packed with a lot of power, I've driven it at a maximum speed of 170 Km/Hr, and even at this speed that car runs very smoothly.

Pick up is phenomenal, I can reach 120 Km/Hr within seconds.

I've heard that this car is very low on mileage, but ever since I have this car it gives me 10-11 Km/Lt in city and 14-15 Km/Lt on highways (with the A/C).

I very satisfied with this car.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2002

31st Jul 2003, 04:32

Seems to be the case with most. it does give a few problems at times, but then overall a great car to have.

I have been driving a cielo for five years now and I have never regretted the decision of buying this car.

13th Oct 2004, 07:04

The car has a very strong body. Infact better than the others. I had a head on collision with a truck, but only because of the bumper I can say "It saved my life". If it would have be some other car then probably I wouldn't be writing this message.

Apart from that Mileage is absolutely fine. Its has a satisfactory pick up with the A/C. but its six years now and still my car touches a speed of 160 mph with five people on board. That's Amazing!!! I Love Daewoo Cielo GLE.

1998 Daewoo Cielo GLE 1.4 SOHC from Romania


Nice car for $8000 (in 1998, in Romania). Today it's obsolete


Very nice car for Romania in 1998.

Today Renault is a better choice because you can get antiblocking system and airbag for the same money.

Top speed: 170kmph

Fuel consumption 6l/100km, very good.

The seats are comfortable (Opel stuff).

Very bad audio (DAEWOO electronics).

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Review Date: 1st September, 2001

29th Oct 2002, 08:50

I have been driving a Daewoo Cielo for the past few months and it's been one of the best cars that I have driven. It's comfort level if great and at any given speed you feel at utmost comfort. With the power to touch 170 Km/Hr it really packs a punch!!

30th Aug 2004, 13:11

I bought a 1998 Daewoo Cielo last year, and am very happy with everything about it. It's not a BMW, but for the price difference, I would say it's better. It's comfortable, easy to drive, and has given no problems yet.

The only negative aspect is the resale value is never going to be near what I think it's worth, so if you want a car to keep and use, it is perfect, but it's not for resale.