3rd Dec 2004, 06:33

I just bought a black cielo Gle 97. It was used by a business man and it was very well maintained. For the past one week I drove about 2000 km and am so glad I bought a cielo. the best thing about it is the pick up, and the smooth drive. Mileage is around 12. Am looking forward to a long relation ship with this car. Hope I will be adding some positive comments about my car in the near future.

20th Sep 2005, 07:27

I have dewoo cielo 98 model. In city it gives 11 with AC. Went to Pune-Bbay express Highway, it gave average of 17.Overall a spacious and luxurious car.

27th Oct 2005, 00:59

I bought a 1998 Cielo GLE Mumbai registration car in 2004 which was previously owned by an Italian Shipping Company. The car was in good condition. On petrol it gives 10KMPL in city and 12KMPL on Highway. I retro-fitted it with Zavoli LPG kit and am getting 9KMPL in city and 11KMPL on highway, though there is a slight reduction in pickup on gas. Parts are available in Mumbai/Pune. I replaced brake pads, spark plugs & coolant cap. On Mumbai Pune Express highway I touched speed of 140 on Gas. Overall value for money.

22nd Nov 2005, 05:12

I am having a cielo executive now last 6 years purchased it in Nov 1999. It gives me 11kms in city and 13 kms on highway. pickup is excellent and car is fantastic. Till date I never regretted buying the car. Its AC is the best and car seat is very comfortable. I have spent very little on the service and have not changed any original part yet and still it is going great. I love my car. Lot of people have approached me for buying the car (it is in excellent condition and has done 49000kms) but I am not selling it. I have driven many other cars and own other cars, but this car is going to stay with me till I can.

28th Jul 2006, 11:24

One of my friends has picked up a 1999 Cielo for Rs.55000. It was equipped with a CNG kit, and the previous owner had kitted it with leather seats and a fancy music system. Excellent first car I say, since its been running flawlessly since the last 8-9 months. Spares would be a problem though.

15th May 2007, 13:22

I have bought 1997 base model cielo & fitted zavoli gas kit

(Udaipur India).

It is giving 300 km/14.2 kg lpg gas, but maximum speed 130 kms/hr.

Can I have instructions for proper tuning of gas kit?

Can my Cielo give 400 km/14.2 kg LPG gas?

I am satisfied with this car, the way it moves on road.



26th Sep 2007, 17:49

Hi I am live in Ecuador and this car is awesome... It's a wonderful car; I donĀ“t have words for descriptions to this car. I hope that some day they open the factory that made this car.

11th Oct 2007, 14:13


I have got a 98 model GLE. It's awsome and everything works fine, but I am missing the roaring acceleration sound of the Cielo. When I accelerate, my car won't give that noise at the back. Are there any suggestions how to bring the sporty acceleration sound?



25th Nov 2007, 07:48

Hi to all cielo owners!

I am Bhavin from Ahmedabad, and have a 2000 Cielo Gearless car.

Really this is a very amazing car because of its safety. Still, my car's condition is pretty pack from showroom. Also I fitted LPG kit in my car and I am getting 550 to 600 kms on 48 litre gas.

20th Apr 2011, 00:56

I own a Cielo GLE 98 model, even though driving the car is treat to the senses; it's a very nice car its performance is amazing, but maintaining it is a serious trouble. I gave my car to the service centre near the Hebbal ring road.

"Limra Service Centre". This guy knows a great deal in Daewoo machines.

However, the only heavy charge you'll find is for the spare parts. I had tried different service centres in Bangalore including Rai Motors, the car runs fine but only for a few day and eventually many problem would arise.

Starting from missing beats and poor pickup.

After recent service with this guys it seem he did do a good job after all.

Any one intrested can reach him @ 9845342558 (Salim).



16th May 2011, 06:37

Well as far as the missing goes, check the ignition timing and fuel injectors (may be clogged). The ignition timing should be at 10 to 12 degrees BTDC. Look for a mark on the metallic area in front of the distributor.

Awesome machine. Mine is a 98 model (restored).


14th Oct 2011, 08:28

Hi Cielo owners. Recently I bought a '96 model Cielo car, and need some advice on where can I get the vehicle serviced?

One more thing; could you please suggest me which gas I need to refill, as the AC gas is exhausted.

May I request you call me on 9242272244 or send an e-mail to tvsvaraprasad2007@rediffmail.com

Thank you.


28th Nov 2011, 15:36

Halo. I have recently acquired a 1996 Daewoo Cielo GLE here in Kenya, East Africa. I am the third owner. The car is in mint condition. However, it's a little thirsty on fuel, say 8KM/L on town runs. I am yet to do highway.

After reading enough reviews from Asia and about, many talk of substantial mileage improvement after fitting an LPG kit.

Now, how exactly does this work? Is this available in Africa, and if so, which countries? Does the car now only use gas and never ordinary fuel again or both? How do I refill/refuel this system? How heavy is it? Where on the car is it fitted? How much space does it occupy?

Please send me illustrations and instructions on ausotieno@gmail.com or ausotieno@yahoo.com


3rd Jun 2013, 07:40

I have owned a Cielo for 7 years now. The car runs well and gives between 12 - 14km/l on petrol. The parts are readily available in Kenya. Will definitely keep this car for the longest time possible.

5th Nov 2013, 04:59

Which LPG kit do you have fitted? May I know the gas kit model please?