1995 Daewoo Espero GLXi 1.5 DOHC from Philippines


Money can buy much better things


This car is a lemon, and so this car was born with a lot of problems and issues.

When it was six months old, the car did not want to shut off. At least it only happened one time.

Around the year 1996 or 1997, the doors did not want to close.

One of the biggest issue here was the air-con of the car. At least it works when it's working, but it is not as cold as you see in Japanese cars, but when it doesn't work, it's bad! The first time it happened (June 2000) it was fixed right away, but the second time (December 2000 - January 2001) it took us a month for it to be fixed. It's because of poor dealer support.

October 29, 2001 we were on our way home from hospital because mama had a minor operation, the shock absorbers acted up. Daewoo just gave us the parts needed, but did not bother to deal with the fix, so we had the fix in a gas station (that was All Saints Day 2001).

January 17, 2002 was the day the car had its last breath. The engine stalled in the middle of a busy avenue. From there we went to the house I think by taxi and got the other car. We contacted Daewoo, but said they can't do anything about it, and so we had it fixed the next day in the gas station, but on the way it was towed by a wrecker.

I remember when this car broke I was in Grade 2 at that time, and we were dismissed in school already after First Communion practices. I cried because my parents took a long time before I could be fetched, learning later that the car stalled and caused heavy traffic. After the car got out one week later, it was one piece of junk!

General Comments:

This 1995 Daewoo Espero originally belonged to my grandparents bought June 1995. They rarely used it, and we just borrowed this from them only about a couple of times before it was passed on to my dad in January 2000. This car took me to school almost everyday except for Wednesday, because of the number coding scheme, to the shopping mall, or other places in the Metro.

The only thing good about this car is its exterior, which looked nice. Also the car was comfortable. But when talking about under the hood, everything is crap!

The car gave too many headaches to my parents because the car was no good. Thank God there is no more Daewoo in this country. At least Chevrolet and Opel, which is now being sold here look better.


1995 Daewoo Espero

June 7, 1995 - January 17, 2002.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2009

1995 Daewoo Espero CD 2000i from Brazil


A perfect cost/benefit car


The air conditioning was repared due to a gas leak.

The generator (energy) had to be repaired.

There are quite some noises inside due to some plastic parts.

The support of windows activator is indeed fragile, and difficult to put it back on it's place.

General Comments:

The car is a wonderful cost/benefit second hand choice.

Even being an imported one, there are a lot of supplying parts that is the same as Chevrolet Vectra, which is a good point.

It is a very fast car, and respond promptly when you need an additional power.

The problem is that it is not economic concerning fuel, the rate between kilometers per liter is around 7.

Nevertheless, taking into account the comfort that it provides, the motor's prompt response, I can say that it worth a while.

The really bad part is that, in Brazil, mainly on the northeast of the country, where I live, there is not even one dealer.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2004