29th Apr 2020, 21:26

Nice review. We got these cars in the UK as well. My aunt had one when they were new. Not very good quality - at only 2 years old the interior trim was starting to come away, and various other issues. The engine was OK though if serviced correctly.

I believe Daewoo just used older 1980s Opel/Vauxhall designs, so the cars were already dated here in the mid 1990s when they came out. To be fair they were very cheap to buy even new.

30th Apr 2020, 19:47

These came to the US in the early 2000's. A former boss of mine bought one new off the lot. They were supposed to be revolutionary cars with a suspension developed by Lotus. To this day it had to be about the most awful piece of garbage I've seen. He had it for less than 2 months before the head gasket blew. Replaced under warranty. Everything broke. The interior was constantly falling apart along with some of the exterior trim. At about the time he was past the warranty mileage the engine threw a rod and the piston actually came shooting out of the engine and put a dent in the hood on its way out of the engine. By then Daewoo was closing up their US operations because the cars weren't selling and their reputation was very poor. He managed to secure a replacement engine, then immediately sold the car. In fact it's very rare to see any of these left. Most probably went to the crusher a long time ago.

2nd May 2020, 16:34

I am the writer of this review. Daewoo started selling cars in the Philippines around 1993/1994. They first started with the Racer which my aunt had 2 of them. She also had headaches with those, especially the other one which one time saw the interior get soaking wet in heavy rain because the windows wouldn't close! It also overheated a lot in heavy traffic. That model was also an alternative choice among taxi operators here in our country, but didn't last as long as the Corollas, Lancers, and Sentras used back then. When we got rid of our Espero, it was also that time that Daewoo was about to close shop.