2004 Daewoo Matiz SE +AC 1.0 from Sweden


Reliable, cheap, worth every penny


I have recently had to change the front brake pads since they were beginning to rust.

General Comments:

A perfectly reliable car. I travel about 140 km per day and my Matiz has never let me down. Temperatures in Sweden range from +35C to -20C and I have never had any problems starting the car in the mornings.

I fill the gas tank about twice a week and this is highly appreciated when it comes to how economical the car is.

AC unit is very strong, I can never have the temperature at maximum for too long cause it gets too cold/hot. Same with the seat heating mechanism.

On the negative side, the ride is slightly shaky when driving at speeds over 80-90km/h. If it's windy you will feel it in the steering wheel. Some rust problems which can be attributed the road salt used in Sweden.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2006

7th Dec 2006, 13:40

A Mercedes to a Daewoo???

11th Dec 2006, 02:32

The Mercedes was old, from 1982 or something and was costing more and more money to maintain... :)

20th Mar 2007, 18:23

I too love my Daewoo. I had a green 2001 model, near new (only 101 kms on clock). The one problem I had was grooves from trucks on the road would force my car to sit on a different driving line. It was very scary, but easily solved by putting wider, lower profile tyres on her. As big as would legally fit. Worked a treat and improved handling and stability 100%. Until I hit a cow. The car was a mess, air bags not deployed, but I wasn't hurt. The car was written off as cost too much to repair.Very annoyed as only had 23,000 km on clock. So what did I buy to replace it? Yep, a 1999 Matiz. Will put the wider wheels (salvaged from car as only 5 months old) on when these tyres wear a bit more. The economy is even better in this Matiz!!!

4th Jan 2011, 15:59

Mmmm, travelling 140 kms per day.. Gosh you drive a lot dude... Yeah.

OK, here is something that I would like to advise... since you're having highway kms... So you better change your timing belt soon.. Before it breaks.. As you run run your car more on highway, so it's advisable to change it a little before its due kms...

Always drain your old coolant after every 15000 kms... Use 80... 20 ratio... to get the ultimate coolant performance.. & always once a week splash water in front of the radiator since you have highway kms more... Use Castrol all protection.

Use 10w 30 grade.. It's best on highway specially.. Castrol Magnetec or Shell...

Transmission oil after every 20000 kms... Use Castrol brand... Then you have to replace after every 30000 kms...

I use the all the same stuff in my 2000 Daewoo Matiz... I love her... A lot...

Keep on commenting dude!!!

28th Apr 2011, 19:17

Wow, I was feeling bad about driving ~90km daily. The difference is that weather is not as extreme in central Mexico (-2C coldest to +25C hottest), but at an altitude of 2700mts above sea level; I don't know if this affects the little Matiz somehow (somewhere I read that altitude does matter to little atmospheric engines).

I bought it new like 8 months ago, and I have ~36k kms on the odometer; so far only regular maintenance and a pair of front brake pads.