2004 Daewoo Matiz Xtra Cool 1.0L petrol from UK and Ireland


A wonderful car that does everything a bigger car would


Nothing has gone wrong with this car, I haven't had it very long, but it has been the most perfect car to learn to drive in, and I couldn't have bought a better first car.

General Comments:

The car was in amazing condition when I bought it, it had barely been used and had very low mileage. I drive it up lanes and unmade roads and it copes amazingly! I have a horse too, and all the equipment needed fits into the car with no problem at all! The car happily moves along with maximum passengers and this does not affect the handling in any way. I am very pleased with it and it is very economical on fuel, which lasts a long time and is cheap to fill up.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2016

14th Feb 2016, 20:40

Great cars.... we have a 56 reg, bought 18 months old, taken from 24k miles to 74k with barely an issue - only consumables for the most part. Good on fuel - reliable as a Swiss watch - commodious - fun to drive - the only downside is the old dirty technology by comparison to modern competitors, so it's disproportionately expensive to tax, but the fact that it owes us nothing more than makes up for it. We only paid £4k for it, and when it's washed it still looks like a £4k car - brilliant!!

2004 Daewoo Matiz E 0.8i from Romania


Very reliable, cheap to buy and run, but with spartan interior and marginal safety


The upper rubber seal of the front right door ripped after a few months. Replaced under warranty, and again started to rupture after the warranty ended.

Spark plugs and cables replaced at around 30.000 km - not surprising considering the car is always driven on short distances, only 5-20 km daily.

After 5 years since being built, corrosion began to creep inside the lower side of the doors, on the rear wheel arches and in the boot; the car lacks suitable rust protection, and the metal is very thin, would puncture easily if rust is not dealt with soon.

General Comments:

Mechanically it works very well, extremely reliable, low fuel consumption. The engine always starts, even at the lowest temperatures, and it will take lower quality fuel without a hiccup.

The plastic inside is very rough and scratches easily, seats have mediocre ergonomics (but still better than a C1, Aygo and the likes). Inside it has a lot of headroom, even the tallest people can fit, and generally it has more room than other small cars.

In the city, the handling is brilliant. The small 3 piston engine revs, roars and accelerates like a much larger one. However if it's fully loaded, performance decreases dramatically. The car is good for 1-2 people plus a bag of groceries.

Outside the city, at high speeds (70-100 km/h) and in corners, the handling is poor, and the car doesn't have a lot of stability.

Being the economic model, it is "naked": no airbags, no ABS. The interior is spartan - no radio, no clock, nothing. But at 4400 euros when new, it was a bargain, and works very well in its role: in the city, with light loads.

Remarkably reliable, but the bodywork's poor corrosion treatment lets it down.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2011

15th Mar 2013, 03:35

Original poster here.

Looks like I got ahead of myself praising its reliability. Last year, at about 45,000 km, some electrical wire bundle got exposed due to constant rubbing against the engine, causing misfires and uneven engine running. Got it fixed with tape, as a new cable bundle cost was prohibitive.

A month ago, at 48,000 km, one of the fuel injectors failed and had to be replaced. The original one was made mainly from plastic, so couldn't be cleaned.

2004 Daewoo Matiz SE 0.8 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic, reliable little car that thinks above its size


Driver's door power window switch failed, but don't most switches eventually?

General Comments:

Borrowed this car while mine was off the road and didn't want to hand it back, so I bought it!

Cabin room is fantastic. I am 6' tall, and once inside forget that I am driving a small car. Head and leg room are actually better than my previous (mid size) car.

I love its reliability on a morning, I KNOW it is going to start whatever the weather. At last, a car I can trust 100% to get me to work on time.

OK, the gear change can be notchy at times, but that is one of the car's little quirks and not a problem.

Performance is good. Nippy in traffic and no problem on the motorway. The engine actually buzzes in a very distinct and soothing way.

Handling is great and nipping through traffic a pleasure. The Matiz gets through gaps where others have to wait.

All in all a lovely, comfortable and reliable car with great fuel economy, good looks and great value for money.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2009

4th Jan 2011, 15:48

Absolutely the Matiz the best car I ever owned too... Mind blowing on gas... I get around... 22 kmpl... My dad didn't took much care about it.. Earlier I remember.. The car used to give 26 to 27 kmpl... Great... I need to flush my engine or seafoam in order to get its peak performance...

Matiz rules!!!

14th Apr 2016, 14:00

I have just bought my wife a 2004 Matiz 1.0 Extra with 17400 miles on the clock (checked with MOTs and the DVLA). She loves it. Inside it's like a tardis for a 12 year old car; she is as near to showroom as you could get. My wife would never go back to her old car; paid £1300; the best money I've spent.