18th Aug 2010, 11:16

I have a Daewoo Matiz year 1998. My problem is the oil is mixing with the water. Please suggest to me what should be done? I have already changed all the gaskets.

18th Aug 2010, 14:13

The oil is getting mixed up with water, or the water is mixing up with oil. First confirm this please?

If you have changed all the gaskets, than there could be only one reason. Check the engine head; it might have cracked, & through that the water might be traveling to engine oil compartment, where the cylinders are running.

9th Jan 2011, 09:46

Here is my 4th review for Matiz... To original reviewer.

Even I feel a tachometer should be equipped with car... But the problem is the Matiz has a 3 cylinder engine... & it's difficult to get a tachometer for it... This is a really big task... But still doesn't matter...

The car is now 11 years old... Still going strong & smooth.. Just completed 66940kms... Yeah I know, many people are gonna laugh at this number... But still doesn't matter to me... currently getting 20 to 21 kmpl in the city... I drive specially at night.. So the streets are less crowded;can go up to 100kmph.. But I drive at speed between 60 to 70 kmph...

Was using Shell for 3 years.. But decided to go for Castrol Magnetic... Response is good.. gonna install a K&N performance air filter... Let's see if there is any mileage or fuel consumption improvement... Have lots of expectations from it... I'm an economical driver... Don't rev in lower gears... The first 3 gears are shifted within 10 seconds... I engage the car's 4th gear at the speed of 30... & 5th gear at just between 45 to 50...

The clutch has become very smooth.. If I compare the smoothness of acceleration & clutch... Clutch is more smooth... Which I personally love!!!

Overall the car is dream to own.. the worst things about the car would be only two mechanical flaws... 1st plastic manifold... & 2nd gear cables!!!

Otherwise the car is masterpiece..!!! Love my Daewoo Matiz.

29th Jan 2011, 13:39

I really like my Daewoo Matiz. I've had for about 4 months, the engine doesn't get hot enough in cold weather to heat the car, but what the heck. OK, things go wrong with all cars, and they need fixing.

Best laugh at the moment with the cost of fuel; 15 quid, and the tank is half full. I'm a half full kinda guy. Happy motoring.