19th Dec 2007, 06:11

Yea, I've read some of the other reviews, found one of them hilarious. I have a manual 2002 Nubira. Love it.

I'll do the same and give a brief pro's and con's:

Good -

- 2nd gear, wow, my mechanic, father, and everyone else has said it is hot. Great for instant power.

- I am actually on a road trip right now, just did 900km yesterday, all at once. It was raining, there were many hills, and country roads, the car was fantastic, never had a shred of doubt.

- Small on the outside, big on the inside.

- All the standards, like the leather, the radio (I found really good)

- On some cars the clutch (as it should be) is hard to control, or has a strange grip point. I loved how the Daewoo's was tuned.

A few Con's -

- On this roadtrip I found the visibility a little poor. Never done a road-trip driving in another car, but I assume bigger cars would be better.

- The cup holder thing, is useful and all, but it sometimes gets in the way.

Other comment, My father likes to say "you are hard on cars" I drove the crap out of this car, and it still runs good. I have had my fair share of mistakes, like flying off speed bumps, tried drifting a few times, and general acceleration things. Seriously, I think every car is a race car, and this may not when a Carrera cup or anything, but it hasn't disappointed me the slightest. Actually now that I think of it, it's a 2 liter 4 cylinder, and bigger and stronger then most of it's range, except when you have a few people in the car it doesn't keep it's power. Sure with people in it, it would lag a little, but it isn't meant for hauling boats, at all, but 1-2 people it flies. Even up a mountain.

Every thing considered I would give it 9/10 (only because I never give 10 out of 10.)

16th Apr 2011, 06:09

I love my Daewoo! I have owned it for about four years.

I have had very little trouble with it. A pleasure to drive and have just done 600 kms on three quarters of a tank.

I am glad to have chosen this beaut car! No regrets!