5th Oct 2005, 15:42

You only paid $400 for it? Sand down the VIN number and abandon the thing in a ditch!

Or just give it to a junkyard. Consider yourself lucky you didn't pay more. It was a $400 lesson learned I hope.

15th Jun 2006, 11:13

June 15, 2006.

I bought a 2001 Daewoo Nubira in April 2006 because it is a sleek looking car. The car seems to bring a new sound/noise every day. I service it and changed all the necessary parts, but it is still inventing new sounds. It is very stylish, but I am kinda having second thoughts about it. I didn’t buy it from a dealer and now I am afraid that no one will want to, but it if I decide to sell.


27th Jun 2006, 09:12

The daewoo Nubira is just a noisy car. Everyone I have talked to who owns a Nubira has mentioned the noise level.

20th Sep 2006, 05:25

I have a 2001 Nubira and I absolutly love the car. I bought it about 3 1/2 years ago with only 30,000 miles on it and now it has 62,000. I have never had any problems with it. It is a great car. The check engine light did come on this morning on my way to work so I will be on my way to the service dept today. It has not had it's 60,000 mile work up yet so I am sure that new spark plugs will fix it. Ignore the ignorance of others that buy the car so cheap and expect it to be perfect. Reality is: when you buy a car cheaply then you are going to get a cheap "unreliable" car! You get what you pay for!

30th Jul 2007, 00:47

I bought a Daewoo Lanos about 4 months ago. I am a teenager so I am limited on my money, But I do know a few things about the car. Yes they are expensive to fix. thermostat cost me $50 and its plastic. Blew up driving down the road. Oh well. I think it is a good car considering I only paid $1500 for it. Like I said I am a teenager so I push my car to the limit. Yes I must admit I do race it from time to time and it hasn't let me down. The engine is small, but since the car only weighs 2000 lbs it has power. Mine is a 1999 and I have probably 106,000 miles on it. I read up on the check engine light on these. When I got mine it wasn't on. soon it came on. then the thermostat blew in half. I replaced it. And it went off. It came on about a month later. I put oil in it and it went off. The thing is with the Daewoo is that they built it so it is hard to screw the car up. If someone is having problems with it then I'm guessing they just didn't do anything when the check engine light came on. You get what you pay for. And so far I am glad what I payed for. My next step is doing a engine swap. I want a v6 in it.

7th Oct 2008, 23:24

I bought my Daewood Nubira five and a half years ago (2001) for $5,000. It now has almost 100,000 miles on it. Even though I can afford to get a better car, I choose not to. I'm very attached!

I have had only routine maintenance on it, as I have watched friends sink thousands into foreign, exotic cars. I have had the timing belt, battery, brakes, and tires replaced, but I paid for it in cash and haven't had a car payment for over five years! I have enjoyed traveling and spending money on other things rather than an expensive car.

When the time comes, I will part sorrowfully with it. Until then, I will love it to death!

My regular mechanic works on it for me using GM parts or adapting other parts to fit it. They love the car too, and they consider it a challenge to keep it in top shape.

24th Jun 2009, 09:55

My daughter has a 2000 Daewoo Nubira. First it was my son's car. We have not had major problems. Order parts online from autopartsway.com, we have a mechanic that installs parts for us. The parts are delivered in one day of ordering them.

Check engine light comes on, but my mechanic said it is a camshaft sensor and nothing major.

20th Aug 2009, 22:23

I have a 2001 Daweoo Nubira and I think it's a good car, and who ever first posted this, you only paid how much for it? Exactly what did you expect, you were going to have to put money into it. No body hardly knows what Daweoo's are, but they're good cars, not as good as Honda's but hey, they work don't they.