1993 Daewoo Racer GTi 1.5 petrol from Philippines


It's not surprising why you don't see these cars anymore on Philippine roads


The latch to open the boot or trunk was probably broken or non-existent. Whenever you go to the mall or a 5 star hotel, you had to turn off the engine and hand over the key to the guard to open the trunk for inspection.

The car always encountered overheating problems, especially when there was too much traffic.

Air-con would always break down.

One time we borrowed this car and the brakes were acting up. My mom got scared, but we managed to get to our destination safe and sound.

One time, the window would not close, and worse, it rained hard that day (July 19, 2002).

General Comments:

This is not our car, but we borrowed it from time to time. It belonged to my auntie, but most of the time she was chauffeured.

This car was a very slow one. The engine was very unresponsive. Well it had a 3 speed automatic transmission, so pick up can be compared to a truck or the ubiquitous Isuzu Crosswind or Mitsubishi L300 here in this country.

Comfort is not so good. Legroom is not so ample. Air-con is cold when it works, but when it doesn't it's hell!

It had a Plain Jane design, but was desirable to look at. But when you experience driving and owning the Daewoo Racer, then you'll regret having it. You do not see these kind of cars in this country anymore. Many of them, including this one, are probably rotting in junkyards or have been chopped.

My auntie finally got rid of this in the later part of 2003, and replaced it with a Toyota Revo, and 3 years later a Toyota Innova; both of them a lot more reliable.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2014

1993 Daewoo Racer EFi 1.5 from Pakistan


Excellent pet


Its prime problems are expensive/non-availability of spare parts, skilled mechanic non-availability, AC requiring continuous maintenance, jittery brakes, early worn-out D-Bushes, complex electrical layout needing expert electrician, dim headlights (CIELO), awkward reverse gear, non-repairable radiator (which gives way frequently due to extreme climate of Pakistan) and inferior music system.

General Comments:

I have Daewoo Racer 93 converted to a CIELO since May, 2004, and I am really pleased with this deal.

Ever since then I have been driving it all across the country during my attachments. CNG provision although taking some place of the trunk is indeed an added advantage in this car, and for those race lovers, you can still beat any of those latest petrol sedans on the road in Pakistan, even on CNG, provided you have 5-speed provision as I have.

As far as its plusses are concerned, it has an extremely comfortable drive, inspite of being manually-steered, easy and comfortable seating, excellent mush/momentum in neutral gear, quick speed build-up, less tire maintenance, superb road grip, aerodynamic beautiful front and rear (CIELO), handy ergonomics, ultra super fuel consumption and above all reliable companionship. If it is in perfect shape, it is indeed in the top list of my dream cars.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2006

1993 Daewoo Racer GSI / TBi 1.5 from Pakistan


A much much better option in its category


Dash Board vibration has increased over the period of time, which has resulted in noise when the car rides over the bumps.

Braking problem occurs, specially when braking down the hill. The brakes seems to lose the bite when they are hot (unlike carbon fiber brakes in F1 cars :) ).

VSS sensor went off when I washed the engine for the first time, and since then it has never caused a problem.

No other issues were faced and I am driving this car since Sep 1997.

General Comments:

This machine is aw-some when it comes to high speed handling, the lack or braking power is compromised by the good independent suspension and better overall balance of the car.

This car also has good engine braking capabilities, so when you pull off your foot from accelerator the car tends to slow down pretty dam quickely.

Engine is good, however the people often complained about the cam shaft noise after 150000km, but beside the complain there is no performance loss. The pickup is not too good (not bad either) however the acceleration over 100kph is good in 4 speed.

Take good care of this car, do all the running repairs and it will never give you a chance to complain.

PS > I am looking to buy another one for my house use so if someone is selling then do contact me at 03008561329.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2005