15th Sep 2003, 05:52

Everyone has dreams! You just dream to drive a 3-Series. I dream to drive a Ferrari dude!!.. And if you're so sure of your Daewoo. which is the sloppiest 1.5 ever, why don't you bring it on the tracks and race my car? - Mohammed Taqi Nasser.

5th Feb 2006, 09:30

Hey all!!!... can anyone tell me the current market price of Charade GT ti 2 door in Pakistan? As, I am planning to buy one, if anyone willing to sell let me know your offer? But, the car should be a well maintained car...

19th Aug 2006, 03:05

Dude you can get a very good engine, complete with the turbo and controller for 75Grand from Sher-shah.. Its been three years since I created this thread.. I've rebuilt the engine again recently and added 14Inch rims wearing 185/60 michelin's.. Last year I raced it on the track numerous times.. And won 95% of the time.

18th Oct 2006, 21:02

Haha why don't you guys just get a real car. My grandma drives a charade. Lol arguing over which is the fastest car out of the slowest cars in the world. Id rather ride a cow.

30th May 2007, 00:28

Don't insult the Charade if you really don't know the car's potential, go check out youtube about the Charade, you can see it won a lot of drag competition, beating even Skyline GTR. Try on youtube and see what this little 1.0cc can do.

17th Jun 2007, 05:16

Dear friends! SPEED is NOT the ONLY thing you can rely in every day driving. The best thing in Daihatsu Charade is that it is RELIABLE car.

Comparing a superb car like Charade with relatively low grade (with due apologize) cars like Khyber, Swift or Cultus is not sensible thing (I think). It should be compared with Golf, WV, Vitz, Subaru, BMW, Renault etc.

A Charade 84 can give better driving pleasure than 2007 Cultus.

1st Apr 2011, 15:24

Hi there, I'm from Quetta, and my second home is in Karachi. I travel all the time in my Charade 84. You can bring any of these second grade cars on the Quetta Karachi route, and then we will see what happens with these cars.