1998 Daihatsu Cuore 847cc from UK and Ireland


Amazing tiny-weany car!


Exhaust rattle I STILL can't completely eliminate.

Sometimes a little slower to start than it should (service needed)

Seat belt don't retract that quick.

General Comments:

Got this car cause it was offered to me at a very cheap price. The car reminds me of a classic mini but not quite! Seemed silly I was driving to work in an estate car all on my own. With heavy fuel prices and tax, and the whole carbon footprint thing, this car seemed perfect.

Engine is the 3 cylinder one and at times sounds a bit like a motorbike. Very quiet engine and when chill driving the only noise you can hear is the gearbox whine (which apparently is a trait of the engine, again like the mini!).

Gear changes are smooth and not notchy. Doesn't feel horrible like some fords etc, and clutch etc feels good. Pedals are spaced nicely too and my big size 12 feet don't have a problem operating pedals.

Steering is nice, fairly light and precise.

Brakes are sharp and responsive, not sure the car's got ABS or not, but seems to stop in time.

Handling: It's what one would call 'nippy'. It steers direct and changes direction easy. However, the only downside is the body roll. You'd think for such a small car it'd ride real well, but feel if your having a little B-road blat, you have to take into consideration the lean factor when cornering.

It's hideous to drive in the wet, under-steers at every given opportunity, but starting to get used to it and it's becoming predictable, so as long as you don't stuff it into a corner, everything is correctable with ease.

Interior: Seats are big enough and comfy. Dash looks modern but basic. Everything is manual so there's less to go wrong - perfect. No split fold seats which is annoying and when you fold seats down, doesn't go flat and there's only fabric on the seat back which can see getting ripped at some point.

Space: It's weird, you look at it, it's tiny... you get in it and it's huge! Okay it's a narrow car so two adults in the front will brush shoulders but if your with your loved one, that's nice! lots of leg room and plenty of space in the rear.

I could go on, but I won't. It's a fantastic commuter car which has brought a smile back to my journeys to and from work. Get on the motorway, 65mph, and you get 60mpg from it. Wish I'd got one of these years ago!

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Review Date: 10th July, 2008

13th Aug 2008, 03:57

Update on the car:

Mileage now done: 104,000 miles.

Parts are a little hard to get, the nearest Daihatsu place is miles away, Halfords don't stock parts, nor do Partco. Managed to find a place in Woodford Freen, Essex and they do mail order. Didn't seem too expensive, so managed to service the car okay.

After a month or so of ownership, the thing is growing on me more and more - such fun to drive, wet or dry...it's nice to be in something different!

Did a 150 mile drive in it the other week, and was being followed by a friend in a Vectra. Think I annoyed him a bit as he wanted to go 80mph most of the way, but the Cuore just isn't happy cruising at that speed; 65-70mph is fine.

Think it'd be okay doing longish drive in it, but would need a couple more stops and obviously not driven as fast as it'll go!

Daihatsu is one of the best cars I've owned (had 29 cars!) Will definitely be buying a new one when this is dead!


1998 Daihatsu Cuore 850 from South Africa


A nippy fuel efficient about towner - if no breakdowns occur - nice


Cam belt have gone twice with high resultant repair costs.

Developed some rattles after 60000km.

General Comments:

Spares are extremely expensive for an economy car.

It is actually very fuel efficient.

Massive interior space.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2004