7th Sep 2008, 13:49

I agree... I have this car too.

Its only just done over 40,000 and is fantastic little runabout.

I quite happily travel 160 miles to visit family in this car.

It only takes £26 to fill there car up too.

Its fantastic.

11th Sep 2008, 06:30

Does anyone know the PCD for the wheels on this car? The skinny little 12" rims aren't up to much in the wet, was going to try get something else, but finding out the PCD seems to be a bit of a task.



22nd Apr 2009, 10:26

Update: Car now has 116k on clock.

Just passed it MOT with nothing at all to do, other than rear tyres bald and headlight bulb needs replacing.

Nothing has changed with the car really. Still got the exhaust rattle. Doesn't use any water, doesn't overheat. Has slight oil leak coming from the top of the engine, but nothing too bad, just makes the engine look messy.

Economy goes up to 62mpg if you drive and cruise at 65mph, but not that realistic on the A roads I drive.

Really inspires me to do a long journey in it, but sadly I know after a few hours, my back will start to hurt and the in cabin noise will get a bit much.

Cambelt change next week, so nothing major until up to 150k other than oil changes. Will report at 125k miles.

Thanks, Mark.

27th Apr 2009, 10:16

Update: 116k.

Car has taken a turn for the worse ;-(

The car was starting to use oil and leak it from the top of the engine - only small I thought.

Driving on the motorway the other day, and car slowed from 70 to 50 and shook violently. Thought it was ignition misfire. To my horror, when investigated, there was no oil in car, so it had been burning more than I had thought.

However, with the damage I caused running the car without oil, after filling up, the car now smokes when I blip throttle or under load, so I think the rings have gone or something similar.

Think it's time to trade in and get something else.

Have thoroughly enjoyed the car, and as an introduction into the Daihatsu type Japanese cars, I am going to try and buy a brand new car shortly.


6th Jul 2009, 04:02

Update: 124k.

Haha, bet you all thought it was dead! I thought it was.

Turned out that the weird running of the car turned out to be 3 burnt out spark plugs! Was amazed cause only changed them 6k miles ago but got to think, it's a very revvy car so maybe harder wearing on ignition parts.

Need to keep an eye on the oil level cause from empty it only holds something like 2.5 litres of oil, so a little burning will see you in trouble. So top up every 3 weeks to a month, not bad.

It seems to be 'breathing' which older cars do. This has resulted in making the car smoke. There's two breather pipes on the car, crankcase breather on top of the head and at the back of the engine. I have routed both these pipes to a coke bottle I've hidden under the bonnet. Since then, no more smoking, everything is breathing nicer. I change the coke bottle once a month and there's a bit of gunk in it, nothing terrible.

Cam belt was changed last week, so that's it now until 180k on the clock - let's see how long it'll last!!!

Will update in a few months! ta. Mark.

5th Oct 2009, 09:22

Update: 125k.

Oh dear, think this time it has finally come to a standstill and not to move again...

I opened the bonnet to find oil has shot out of something, hit top of bonnet and splatted all over engine, battery, air filters, the lot... there's a lot of oil everywhere, so not sure what's happened or where it's come from... car hasn't broken down, but won't drive it until I know what's going on... however, no mayo under oil cap, and no oil in the water, so can't be head gasket, must just be more blocked breather pipes???

I want to limp it on for longer so will investigate, but it's looking grim!

Would have another one of these for sure, or the Kelisa, or even a Nippa, but next time will aim for a tidy one with less than 100k on clock when I buy it - reckon if you service it often and look after it, it will see 150k easily... just mine had been abused somewhat earlier in it's life! doh...

9th Oct 2009, 07:40

See my two Kelisa reviews; 2002 (Japanese...) and 2004 (As cheap...)

I am a big Daihatsu fan and love the Daihatsu based Kelisa - would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to update from a Cuore as it is the same car built under licence - all part no. stickers are Daihatsu and identical engine/box supplied to Perodua factory in crate from Japan. You do lose the electric mirrors and a couple of bits, though.

If buying a Kelisa 989cc GXi check: cambelt has been done (6 years) all dash gauges work 100%, exhaust (expensive), corrosion under anti-chip film on rear arch lowers, remote locking fob is with it and it works. Good luck - we have just sold our 79k minter for £1300 and I see a 37k mile one on a popular car buying site today for £999. A great buy - but budget for cambelt and service etc if needed.

19th Aug 2010, 11:28

I am the proud owner of a 1998 Daihatsu Cuore. It's just short of 60,000 miles, and apart from the engine getting slightly noisier (yes I've checked the oil), it is one of the best cars I've ever owned.

The paint work is amazing considering it is 12 years old now, and when I fold the seats down I can fit anything in it!

It still only costs £24 to fill it up and I love that I can park anywhere!

The only downside is people think they can shout abuse at me in it whilst driving on the road - that is until you step out of the car, and people realise it's not a young mum, or elderly man :)

2nd Dec 2010, 12:46

I have has 4 Daihatsu's with the latest additions being 2 Cuores of 2001 vintage. One for my wife and one for me :)

I have noticed the same effect of smoking as described... will also look at the crankcase breathers...

Here in South Africa, Daihatsu has not been taken seriously until recently, being that Toyota owns 51% shares in Daihatsu.

I am very happy with Daihatsu products, but they must be used for what they were meant for. If you abuse them or delay their service intervals, you will have trouble.

I prefer Shell helix oil due to zero sludge build up, unlike others.

29th Dec 2010, 06:09

I used to own a Mitsi Pinin, but it sadly died, so my mum gave me her 1998 Cuore, as she was no longer able to drive. I hated it at first, it was everything my Pinin wasn't; no electric windows, central locking etc, and so tiny and low to the ground, so I thought, but after a few months, I actually love it! It is half the cost of my 4x4 to run, and so nippy and easy to get around the small lanes of Guernsey. It has done over 62000 miles so far, and no problems at all.

It's not brilliant in the wet, but OK if you drive slower and more carefully. If I fold the back seats down, I can get 2x 25kg bales of bedding and 2 large bags of feed in the back for my horse! The paintwork is surprisingly rust free, and if I scratch or bump it, so what? It starts first time every morning, and it's quick off the mark at traffic lights, and with a max speed limit of 35 mph on the island, there's no need to go fast.

I will be keeping this little car for as long as it lasts me, I may treat myself to a CD player though, in place of the radio/tape cassette that's still in it!

5th Dec 2014, 20:46

Hi there, I'm a South African owning a Cuore 2001. It's a lovely little machine. Please can you tell me, can this mini car travel long distances? About 700km a day. Thanks.

29th Apr 2016, 10:17

I own a 99 Daihatsu Cuore. It's an excellent trouble free little car. However I have found it really difficult to change the spark plugs due to lack of space. Can anyone offer me advice? Eddie.