2004 Daihatsu Cuore CX ECO from Pakistan


It is comfortable car, but the parts must be provided


It emits balck smoke once the is switched on in morning, particularly in cold weather. Color of smoke becomes normal after few minutes.

General Comments:

The car met an accident; it hit a dog on motorway once I was moving at 120 kph. Apart from damage to bumper and radiator, the rings in the engine were damaged and these are not available in Pakistan. I am in a great mental tension owing to non availability of the rings.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2004

3rd Feb 2005, 22:48

Black smoke in cold weather is normal, it just means the car's on choke and the mixture is rich.

I don't quite see how the rings were damaged after hitting a dog unless the engine overheated due to damage to the radiator.

2nd May 2005, 13:42

Did the dog survive?

31st May 2005, 05:18

Good Car as compared to its counter parts.

I have got the CX month ago, but day by day its braking system getting softer and softer and now a days I have to apply breaks well before the time. Any suggestions.

2004 Daihatsu Cuore CX - ECO 847cc ED-10, OHC, 3 Cylinder from Pakistan


Money down the drain


The rear shock absorber went bad on my drive to home from the showroom.

General Comments:

Very unstable on roads. No road grip.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2004

22nd Jun 2007, 05:57

No I am not agreed The road grip of Cuore is very good as compared to Mehren.

8th Mar 2010, 03:52

Very reliable no doubt, but very ordinary handling.