14th Jun 2005, 10:34

Get the brakes fixed - you never know when a poor little puppy might step out in front of you!!

28th Aug 2005, 10:30

Have you gotten you brakes fixed by now, I hope you haven't killed anything else on the road, and how is the dog doing that you ran over.

10th Sep 2005, 08:06

Why isn't the driver replying... i think he didn't get the brakes fixed... i am worried about him!

17th Sep 2005, 02:45

Well...me having this car, indeed it's a great car... i wasn't expected this car to bear with for such a long time...its been 2 years... and I have done a lot with this car... more can any one imagine...! at least done everything which is possible... and even exceeded the provided upper speed in the speedometer...well..anywayz..now me heading to get it Turbo charged...yet I was with intakes and exhaust only... its really A, POCKET ROCKET! Peace!

21st Sep 2005, 11:32

Did everything... what does that mean...

17th Oct 2005, 20:07

Lol @ did the dog survive... u really made me laugh there!

30th Oct 2005, 14:23

Hello guys!

I am thinking to buy cuore because, I like that car. so if anybody from you can suggest me that, whether I took good decision or bad?

22nd Dec 2005, 11:46

A very good car, luxurious in driving in small cars. I purchased the car two months ago and very happy on my choice. The only problem here in Pakistan is that the company does not provide all the accessories, however the drive of the car sheds away all these small petty things. Obaid, Islamabad, Pakistan.

28th Feb 2006, 12:42

Hi friends

CORE is a pleasant car, cheap and extremely good and comfortable.

As far a parts are concerned they will be made available soon as I met CEO of INDUS MOTORS and he convinced me he will be marketing the missing parts soon, so cheer up guys!!!

28th Aug 2006, 12:55

I'm planning to buy a Cuore CX eco or Alto VXR - which one? Help much appreciated.



7th Sep 2006, 05:35

I am planning to buy Cuore Automatic, have heard a lot of good things about it. Anyone with a bad experience kindly share, and most important... What happened to the Dog??

10th Jan 2007, 09:05

Hi all!

I am looking for power side-mirrors for my Coure CX. Can anyone tell me from where I can get these in Karachi, Pakistan?

20th May 2007, 06:28


Refer to 28th Aug 2006, 12:55

Cuore is a far far far better car than ALTO so go for it.

However I'm confused if I should buy Cuore Automatic or Toyota Vitz, as vitz has a parts and maintenance issue, secondly how does an automatic Cuore work with a cng kit? urgent replies highly appreciated, as I am without a car these days.

9th Sep 2007, 07:28

I just purchased a CX Cuore and I was appalled to note that on my way from the dealership to my residence, the speedometer needle starts trembling the moment the car goes beyond 60kmph. What should I do?

15th Jul 2008, 00:47

The car overall is very good. Ever since I have purchased this car I have never experienced any problem in it. All I know is if you maintain you car on regular basis you should'nt have any issues. To be very honest with you guys this car is far far far and far better then Mehran and Alto even Cultus. Try it you would love it especially its rear wheel suspension is is incredible.

13th Aug 2008, 08:02

Hey Guys, I am willing to buy a Cuore CX car model 2003 and the price is 300k; should I go for it?

Thank you.

3rd Oct 2008, 16:04

I just bought cuore cl.. without any doubt it has driving pleasure, but its dashboard is making an strange kind of sound when car runs through rough patches, the sound is like chik chik chik... I have no idea what to do... any one of you have this problem???

14th Oct 2008, 06:28

Hi everyone! Really interesting discussion. I am planning to buy a cuore soon, but I have been advised by a friend of mine to wait as they are launching a new shape in Pakistan next year. Can anyone over here please confirm whether that's true? I know its been almost a decade since the current shape so a change is really due, but I need some authentic information. Thanks!

15th Oct 2008, 03:14

The new 2009 model Cuore has just been crash tested. The car can be seen on www.euroncap.com by selecting Daihatsu in search, then Cuore 2008.

It is due for release in the UK in early 2009 if that is any help.

15th Oct 2008, 03:33

Hi All, I am planning to buy a car but I am confused between Suzuki Alto & Cuore. Can anyone guide me better in every aspect?

17th Oct 2008, 01:42

I think Cuore is way better than an Alto, in almost all respects. However, if a new shape of Cuore is indeed being launched early next year, then it might be a good idea to wait for now. The new shape is really cool!

26th Dec 2008, 01:38

1. The Cuore is an excellent car compared to the Mehran, Alto and Cultus.

2. The guy who is suffering from dashboard vibration should repair his engine mounting.

3. I don't think a new model will come this year or next year, because it is not yet released in Europe. When it's released in Europe, then after 1-2 years we can expect a new model in Pakistan.

12th May 2009, 10:33

I want to buy Cuore AC / CNG, can anyone tell me about the air conditioned performance, is it good in hot weather?


21st Feb 2010, 13:53

The Cuore is one of the worst cars that I have ever driven in my whole life. Air conditioner doesn't work when you are driving in a city. No space for the trunk. Don't go for that car. I've sold my Cuore and now I have 97 Corolla. Believe me, it's a lot better than the Cuore.

26th Mar 2010, 05:02

Hi guys.

I have a Cuore 2006. Recently I have faced a problem regarding my AC. Different mechanics suggest different solutions, and I am confused. One is saying that I need to change radiator because originally Cuore has one NAALI radiator, which should be replaced with TWO NAALI, and the same comments I have received from one more mechanics, but no surety. Other mechanics are saying that there is a problem in the head, and this should be repaired, which costs too much. I am expecting honest comments from any of you. Thanks and regards.

18th Mar 2018, 19:44

Can you give me your mobile number?