1983 Daihatsu F60 SCAT RV-M 2.8 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Great 4WD, and will make a fun fishing jalopy on the beaches near Albany in my retirement


Bearings in the transfer case shattered and left the vehicle undriveable. Took a lot of research across Australia before I could find a replacement transfer case, which came via Toyhatsu in Victoria to Albany WA where my step daughter was living and driving the SCAT at the time. Automasters in Albany fitted the replacement. Unfortunately I have lost the speedo as a result, due to different pick up.

Car has undergone $5,000 rust removal and complete paint job in original off white colour (Colour 031) at AB Smash in WA.

Fitted a new windscreen seal, as this is crucial to stop rust in this section, especially inside the vehicle.

I have replaced the thermostat housing. Once again matching the original was a problem, as the temperature gauge on mine is on the head, not on the body of the housing, so I had to find a sealing plug on my replacement. Once again, Toyhatsu wreckers came to the rescue with a housing.

Previous owner had a lot of mechanicals done by Automasters in Newcastle St Perth. I have countless receipts for suspension, radiator, brakes, servicing and the like.

General Comments:

This 4WD is a classic Daktari looking box on wheels. It was very collectable in my opinion, and I was looking for a fishing jalopy when I saw it in Leederville. I was driving to work, and passed the SCAT, noticing that the owner had a for sale on the side window, and a mobile number, which I wrote down.

I purchased the vehicle for $1,900, but knew little about Daihatus SCAT's and their capabilities. I could not believe it had 2.8 litre diesel in such a small 4WD, and this one has a five speed gearbox. Looks like the top of the range for 1983.

Including purchase price, I have spent around $9,000 in total, and have a few things left to finish the project.

Rust is an issue on these tanks, but they are very strong.

I hope to use this 4WD in retirement for fun as my fishing jalopy.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2012

25th Nov 2022, 17:40

Best name for a car ever!

1984 Daihatsu F60 SCAT 2.8 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


A strong bad road/off road performer


Generally very reliable and solid car. Engine and most mechanicals have required no attention besides normal servicing.

Shock absorbers and suspension bushes have needed replacement, several times (lots of bad roads in OZ).

Only serious mechanical failure was of the transfer-gearbox output shaft centre bearing after prolonged, heavy-duty low-range 4wd use (1000km desert crossing). Has been reliable in subsequent trips, so does not appear to be a design problem.

Other niggles are stress fractures in the front mudguards, again because of poor roads.

General Comments:

A very simple, strong and economical 4wd vehicle, provided comfort, size or style are not too important. Will cruise at 110km/hr.

Short wheelbase and the strong engine give exceptional off-road ability. One of the few 4wds which can cope with endlessly corrugated roads without serious structural damage. These are unbeatably good value in OZ, as all mechanical parts are shared with the later model Rocky (so available), but the vehicle is several thousand dollars cheaper.

Factory diff-lock option is excellent off-road but a little hard on the rear tyres wear-wise.

Look out for rust beneath the windscreen, otherwise OK.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2000

30th Aug 2006, 04:57

These cars are the most reliable car for mining and other harsh treatment and I hope to own one one day since I'm only 14.

11th Oct 2006, 19:10

I have owned my scat for some time now and have found it to be flawless. they are a great reliable car with a lot of power and torque for such a small car, although it has a 2.8 D motor. these cars perform great with a turbo kit off the rocky which just bolts straight on as well as their power steering. wouldn't trade my scat in for a new 4x4 ever. I'm only 25 and a mechanic and I wouldn't trust going out bush with so many electronic things to go wrong.

All up a great car. 10/10.