26th Feb 2007, 22:19

I have owned my scat for 8 months now and haven't had any problems with it at all apart from fixing up some rust damage.

I can service most things, but am trying to get my hands on a service manuel does anyone have an idea where to get one? Have tried repco and a few other stores and no one has heard of the scat.

18th Sep 2007, 21:50

I recently purchased a manual from ebay at the staggering cost of $15 including the postage, Mine is an F20 Scat/Taft!

14th Oct 2007, 05:37

I have inherited a 1983 2.8 Diesel Hard top, it had only 83,000 on the clock its now got 100,000 bet car in the world and I love it. No one has heard of it though and I need a fuel cap because I lost it. Best Car!! I want another one!!

14th Feb 2008, 01:35

I've owned a Daihatsu Scat 1600 4WD since 1982. It's been a great little performer as a second car for the family including the teenage drivers. Not fast, but very reliable and tough off road. Now it sits in the carport waiting for an enthusiast to take it over. All white with fiberglass hardtop which is removable. Still licensed and insured, and needs a good home. Call me on 0417 959 785 for a chat about a SCAT!! Mark from Bullcreek WA.

2nd Apr 2008, 21:24

I was the original poster of this review. Well, its 8 years and another 120,000km on--including many severe outback outings--and the SCAT is still going strong. A few years parked out on the street has caused a little rust that needed to be fixed, but apart from that, and replacing some more suspension bushes and a few glow plugs, no problems. At the moment, it seems that the only threat to its perpetual existence may be the availability of spare parts--not that it's needed many, so far. What a great little truck this has been.

21st Jul 2008, 02:08

Hi - is your F60 the red one I saw in Dampier 6 months ago with a kayak atop?


10th Aug 2008, 02:40

I am wanting to purchase a Daihatsu Scat D Ute. Plus a workshop manual. I am retired and looking for something to do. Let me know


18th Dec 2008, 21:09

I have owned my Scat F65 tray top since new Dec 84. Apart from previous comments made, with which I totally agree, these 4x4 are almost indestructible.

Mine has done over 600000km. The only things I have done to it are brakes 3 times, and re-raced the gearbox transfer case and diff seals, only because the Shell agent recommended and I used the wrong oils.

She looks a bit rough but is still a real good goer considering all ways being a farm vehicle in Australia (point her in a direction and you get there "regardless")


13th Jan 2009, 21:49

Hi, I am 15, and I own one of these great little cars. I have put mine through anything, and it is still going strong.

It is an F50 1977. I have had it for 1 year and the only thing that has gone wrong is the front uni, which was bad when I got it, and I am having troble with my front hubs (I keep breaking the bolts that hold them on).

But I love this car (and it is better than my friend's Nissan Patrol; I can get more places than him :P )

20th May 2009, 00:29


We have a 1983 F 60 SCAT, bought in a very sorry "paddock basher" state about 7 years ago - as a project for my retired husband. After MUCH work and a new paint job it looked great! I love it even if it is rough, noisy, and a bit slow. Such fun to drive though I've not really done any real 4 wheel driving. At least I can reverse trailers and boats now.

When our second son was posted to Darwin in 2005 he said

"Hey Mum, how would you like to swap my Camry sedan for the Scat? I'll need a second hand four wheel drive in Darwin, at least I know this one's history!!"

Well three and a half years later and lots of rattling over bumpy roads in the NT the SCAT is home again - in need of serious TLC.

Hubby's managed just about everything - considering the lack of available parts - but we've come to a halt! We need an "upper steering column bearing". Think he will have to take it out and go searching the wreckers. If anyone has the appropriate maintenance manual, I wonder if you could list the part no.??

Cheers - Wendy.

6th Dec 2010, 17:25

I need to replace the clutch in my 1984 F60 SCAT. Can anybody tell me if the Rocky clutch will fit? Also, where can I get a workshop / service manual for the vehicle?

2nd Jun 2011, 10:06

Hi to all who drive on the other side of the road! LOL.

I currently drive a model 83 Daihatsu F60 which my dad bought brand new here in Colombia, and besides a small scare we had a while ago when the car suddenly quit on us, the car has worked perfectly. It turns out that we found air in the pump after bleeding it several times, but were not able to get rid of the problem. Then we found that the fuel tank hoses (which are found under the driver's seat in cars with the steering wheel located on the left side) had cracks in them and were not supplying fuel properly. This most probably happened because we usually keep the car parked for prolonged periods of time (up to several months at a time) and the heat and moisture could've damaged the hoses.

I don't know if this is a new problem but I thought I'd share it with other TAFT/SCAT owners out there since it is a very easy problem to solve, but one that can as easily get you stranded.

2nd Jun 2011, 11:27

I have the same vehicle and am looking for a manual also! Please let me know if you have found where all the manuals are hiding! LOL.

25th Nov 2011, 05:09

Hi all. Can anyone tell me about a transfer case in a F65 5 speed? Will the earlier model 4 speed couple with the 5 speed box?

8th Dec 2011, 06:05

I recently acquired a 1978 Daihatsu Scat F50, and have found nothing but praise for these little 4x4s.

Had to repair the glow relay, but she now starts first kick.

Found new brake drums and shoes cheap on evilbay.

Brake drums $200 ish. Shoes $45 front or rear.

I can get the brake cylinders re-sleeved for $65 each in Toowoomba.

Glow plugs over the counter at Repco.

Now I just need to cut out the acres of rust and head bush.

Also looking for a workshop manual if anyone has one? I am happy to pay for the copying. Email me at gregted at tpg dot com dot au.

20th Aug 2012, 03:59

Take the bearing you need to replace to any bearing supplier, and it will certainly be in stock. If not, it's surely easily obtained. Or else just supply them with the inside, outside diameter and the width of the part. Definitely not a problem.

26th Aug 2012, 00:36

I need to empty the tank on my F60. Can anyone explain where or if there is a bolt that can be taken out to allow for emptying? Thanks.