1992 Daihatsu Feroza SE 1.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic all rounder - very understated


Steering idler arm failure - after 17 years.

Clutch gets worn a bit easily - get a HD Clutch when you do replace it.

Nothing else has had troubles. A friend's 1992 Feroza has recurring electrical issues though - particularly with mud and water crossings.

General Comments:

Excellent on and off the road. Doesn't struggle keeping up 120km/h on the highway, but does rev high doing so. A change to 235/75 R 15 tires made it cruise on highway much better (down to 3250rpm at 110km/h).

The car doesn't have much articulation, which ultimately prevents it from going as far off road as a full sized proper 4X4 - but it'll come close! It is very rugged and has good approach, break over and departure angles.

Reasonable to work with mechanically. Same sort of construction as a Toyota. No shared parts though.

Parts becoming hard to find in Australia. Fortunately it barely ever needs any.

Most engines seem to go soon after 200,000km, but well looked after, it'll last (hopefully) twice that. For reference mine is at nearly 270,000km, and doesn't use any oil or blow any smoke and runs strong.

Reasonably agile around town. A bit low on torque below 2000rpm, but then it picks up quickly. Slick gearchange. Interior is very cheaply put together - glovebox barely closes, door trims cracked in the sunlight. No big rattles though. Removable roof seals work fine still.

Brakes are OK but not great, particularly in wet weather. Rear end doesn't break loose (oversteer) in the wet as easily as other part time 4X4 vehicles though.

Seating position is OK, seats are OK, foot space is a bit narrow, and you get an awkward foot position when driving - tiresome after an hour or two. I find the back seats reasonable too - tight access though.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2010

3rd Aug 2010, 09:16

I agree, the Feroza is not the fastest on the highway but it's excellent in 4WD country.

When I bought my Feroza 4 months ago she had done 3330000 kms, now 342000 after some trips to the Flinder's Ranges, Gawler Rangers, the Coorong, Kangaroo Island and other locations. Sand hills, rough tracks, mud, rocks etc present no problems for this little bus.

Fuel economy is not bad at 8.3 litres/100 km, despite the terrain. In fact I have rarely needed to engage the 4WD, except in sand hills and some deep creek crossings.

I must confess, this is my first 4WD vehicle, so I may be overly kind to the performance and attributes of the car.

I normally drive a Ford Fairmont and really only got this little bus as a bit of a fun thing, but I really like it, and after a recent trip to the Gawler Ranges, I was really impressed with stamina and performance of the Feroza.

Great little car that can do almost everything you won't.

1992 Daihatsu Feroza EFIII from Australia and New Zealand




Clutch gave up after 100000kms of extreme 4x4ing.

Passenger electric window switch u/s.

General Comments:

Contends and wins all 4WD comparisons that I have driven... including:

Land Rover, Landcruiser all models, F100 4x4, Courier, Bravo, Hah!..Rodeo, Jackaroo, Nissan's Triton V6, CJ5 Jeep... mmmm.. nope nothing has outdone the old CJ5 292 straight 6 rambler!!

Offroad conditions are what this vehicle was made for.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2008

6th Jun 2014, 16:11

Mate, do you have a 6 cylinder engine in it??

1992 Daihatsu Feroza SXP II 1.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Good car if you have patience and like 4wdriving


Clutch cable snapped at 198000.. cost $70 and about 5 minutes of my time to fix it. Too easy.

Radiator seal broke at 198000 also, cost $280 to have it re-sealed.

General Comments:

Car has been reliable, and a pretty rad looking car. Slowest car on the road, and I mean it is ridiculously slow.. maybe that's because I don't like revving it above 3 grand.

Off-Road keeps up with the big boys, taken it on some serious trails including to be the only car up a 35 degree hill that 2 80 series cruisers lifted with 33's and diff's locked got stuck. also rolled it on its side about 30 minutes later, pushed it back up, no damage. Good times!

With a couple of speakers in the back and a head deck sound is good in the car and is comfortable enough for 4 blokes to sit in.

Makes an annoying whistling sound above 3 thousand revs when pushing it a bit, also making it a shocker on the highway.

Best off road. and at the beach.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2006

30th Mar 2006, 05:08

Its actually 1993.. if anybody picked there were no SXP's in 92.

9th Jul 2006, 20:46

I'm sorry too!! I also have an SXP September 1992. Great little truck.

10th Oct 2007, 22:45

The whistling sound you hear is the muffler rotted out. I replaced mine about two weeks ago for a 2 inch system with an extracter and it sounds great.