1990 Daihatsu Rocky SE 1.6 gas from North America


Excellent economy SUV


I have a front hub problem about every 2 years, I have it again.

Had intermittent starting problems, the Toyota dealer fixed it after 5 attempts.

Standard 10 year old stuff, brakes, radiator, plug wires twice?

Other than that, it is a great vehicle.

General Comments:

I would buy another.

I like it, it's not fast, gets OK gas mileage - about 20 or a little better.

It's noisy, bouncy, but it gets out of trouble 4 wheeling and runs great.

Hard top comes off, back seats fold down, versatile.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 2nd January, 2001

14th Nov 2003, 21:15

I thought the review was very good, but have a couple of questions!

The Daihatsu had intermittent starting problems. I'm curious what the problems were and how were they corrected.

I have a 1992 Daihatsu Rocky 1.6L engine. We may go out to eat and come out approx... 1 hour later and it won't start. It cranks, but won't start. If you wait approx.. 5 minutes you can crank it over and it will take off.

I'm also curious what type of problems did they have with the hubs?




2nd Aug 2005, 23:56

I have the same intermittent starting problem with my 92 Rocky, I wait as long as it takes to drink a coke and then it starts, I was going to try the fuel filter and air filter to see if that solves the problem. This little thing has get up and go. I have no problem hitting 95 on the highway with this 1.6 liter engine.

18th Dec 2005, 15:16

I was wanting to know what the Toyota dealer found wrong with your starting system and what they did to fix it. I've had the same problem with my 1991 Rocky. I finally realized that the starting problem was occurring after it rained. I found my windshield seal was leaking. I silicon-ed around it and haven't had the problem since. Thought this might be helpful to someone. Mark.

17th Oct 2009, 12:04

My Daihatsu Sportrak, excellent though it is, occasionally won't start. First time in the morning, no problem, but after a short run it gets moody. As your correspondents say, it starts again after leaving it for ten minutes but if I am towing my boat out of the river on a rising tide, I get worried.

Does nobody know what causes this?


18th Apr 2015, 16:16

Hi, I have the same problem with my Daihatsu starting. If you could tell what was causing it, that would be great.

Thanks, Ethan.


2nd Jun 2016, 16:18

You must be going down the hill.

17th Jun 2016, 06:38

I had the same starting problems on my 92 Rocky. I put in new leads and plugs, rotor and dizzy cap... but it was the new coil that fixed the problem.