14th Apr 2003, 23:25

Me again. The one with the dented Rocky. Does anyone know about an Internet page that sells Daihatsu parts? Rocky in particular. I need a new Power Steering Hose and a alternator. Send a reply to the following: 7873184691@vtexto.com, metroII@hotmail.com.

I would really appreciate some help from other Rocky owners,

John Betancourt

San Juan Puerto Rico.

17th Jan 2008, 22:24

Hi Love my daihatsu, but like the rest of you have difficulty finding parts for it. Mine need muffler work and fan and alternator seem to have some issues. It is a lot of fun to ram around in with the top down. Also the 4 wheel drive is great for almost anywhere. So if anyone know where to get parts in NE PA please pass it on, for I really do not want to part with my fun vehicle... thanks good luck to everyone else sorry no help.. MJ.

29th Mar 2008, 07:32

PartsTrain has a lot of parts for the Rocky. I own a '92, and I get all of my parts from partstrain.com.

20th May 2009, 14:44

I own a 92 Rocky too. What I did to find any parts for mine was just type in the search bar 92 Daihatsu Rocky and I got all the sites that had stuff for Daihatsu. It has actually turned out to be cheaper getting them online then going to the auto part store and having them send out for them for me. Hey, about your muffler you need fixed, I will tell you what I did, I took my car to Walts Mufflers and told them I know you have to have a muffler that will work, even though it's not the exact item number as Daihatsu, and they custom fitted one for mine and welded it on for me, and I only paid 80, so try that first.

2nd Mar 2010, 08:58

I have a 1992 Rocky hard top. At 88,000 miles the heater core went the other day. So far I have only put in a new battery. Only found 1-heater core at $170 online used. I am thinking of selling this.

11th Mar 2010, 09:00

If you want to sell it and you are close to the Pacific Northwest, I might be in the market. I own two Rockys, mine and my 12 year old daughter who thinks the other one is hers to drive. It will be hers when she is old enough, but for now, she just washes and dreams.



11th Jan 2013, 06:14

I need to locate a heater core for a 91 Rocky SE. Where did you get yours?


24th Oct 2022, 18:14

I had a 91 Rocky; best vehicle I've ever had, great in the mud and snow, fun to drive; drove it for 300,000+ miles. Would love to get another one.