2008 Daihatsu Sirion S 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Cheap but practicable


Steering rack started knocking at 20,000 miles. Main dealer wanted £850 with VAT and two weeks delivery date, as the part has to come from Japan. Went to a local car part suppliers and had a reconditioned part for £266, and it cost £72 for two hours labour to remove and fit the part at a local garage, and the tracking was £20, so a cheap repair...

General Comments:

The 1.0 3 cylinder engine is underpowered on motorway journeys and it doesn't do anywhere near 56 combined mpg as the manufacturer says. This 1.0 engine is OK in a Citroen C1 as it's a much lighter car overall; probably better having the 1.3 version.

Seats are comfy, cabin is cheap but practicable, no electric mirrors on the S model, so have to manually adjust the mirrors externally...

Body roll is excessive for a small car.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2011

2008 Daihatsu Sirion SE 1.3 from UK and Ireland




Gearbox bush failure (ongoing fault), steering rack-knocking/rough, rear lamps - moisture ingress, clutch cable/pedal-noise.

General Comments:

Drives and handles well.

Good economy.

'Roomy' for class.

Very comfortable.

Light and bright inside.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2009

8th Jan 2012, 13:37

Same here, I live in Malta. My Daihatsu had the steering rack changed 3 times, but for free, and now I have the modified version, which works well.

Lots of knocking comes from the caliper pins, which must be replaced every 1000 miles or so. Same problem with the rear lights also, although it sleeps in the garage and never outside.

Mine is a Sport 1.3 automatic.

2008 Daihatsu Sirion GLX 1.3 gasoline from Egypt


Easy to drive!



General Comments:

This car is made by Daihatsu and Toyota.

In Japan there are 2 editions for exactly the same car: Daihatsu Boon & Toyota Passo.

So Toyota is involved and that means no big faults in any point, but that doesn't mean each point is perfect!

This 2008 Sirion is fast, roomy inside, easy to drive due to very soft steering and high driver`s seat, which means very good visibility.

The car also is well designed outside and inside, with parts feeling expensive compared to the car's price.

Fuel consumption is about 13.5~14km/L (mixed drive 1300cc A/T)

Spare parts prices are reasonable.

Negative points:

- Tough rear suspension with small shock absorbers, which means if you are driving on bumpy road, you will hear noises and you will not feel comfortable.

- However the driver's seat position is very good, it is not very comfortable for the back side (but in 2009 models, they changed the seats).

Besides when you put the driver seat to the maximum back position, people taller than 182cm will not find a comfortable leg position (I`m 180cm and can almost sit comfortably).

- Windows shake and make some noise after 140km/h speed.

- Parking signal button is not well positioned (you must look at it to push).

This car is good city car for young people with many options in good price, but the biggest issue is the rear suspension.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2009

2008 Daihatsu Sirion SE 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Very good buy, only cost me £7300, saving over £1000


No faults as yet.

General Comments:

Easy to drive and park.

Very economical, have just come back from France, 1500 miles over 2 weeks. Going out with a large roof-box and 3 adults + 2 kids, average MPG was 42. Coming back with no roof-box, average MPG was 47.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2009

1st May 2009, 06:27

Is that fuel economy good? I must say that I've recently come back from Belgium to the UK and I've averaged 54mpg out of my heavy (though super comfortable) Volvo S60 with a 2.5 5-cylinder diesel engine... I know it's diesel, but with loads of power and safety, I think that 54mpg is excellent. And by the way, I'm 27 with a slightly heavy foot...! Surely driving a 1.0 litre car with no power or safety to France couldn't have been fun? Especially with those poor fuel figures... many new cars would beat them easily!

1st May 2009, 10:25

A good point-

Small, upright, light petrol cars make most sense in stop/start work, whereas higher geared aerodynamic diesel cars work best at long distance, fully loaded cruising.

I found my Sirion 1.0S would do 58mpg on a run and 48ish around town, which is laudable for a town car.

If I used your big car around town, it would not make sense - just like the Sirion is not best at long, fully loaded distance work. But the Sirion does cope admirably with this type of use, and makes sense as a daily town car and occasional distance car. Using a big car every day is not justifiable.

Good point, though!