2009 Daihatsu Sirion One 1.0 from Egypt


Great car with well judged compromises


Squeaky clutch pedal fixed with WD40, however a bit of roughness is still evident.

General Comments:

First of all, nothing beats the Sirion in its price tag, especially when it had a 9K EPG discount for 2009 model. For 66,000 EGP it was a steal!

Daihatsu knows how to build small cars, and no one has been at it such a long time. The ergonomics are very good with ample leg room in the front and rear, thanks to the high seating position. The boot space is useful, especially with the flat reclining 40/60 rear seats, proving more useful than my previous Fiat 132.

However, the gear shifter is long, with long shifts, and the rear view is quite narrow compared to what I was used to.

The 1.0 3 cylinder engine is a sweet one. The performance is more than enough inside the city, and quite eager with a pleasant note. However, this note changed after some driving, and sounds rough at high rpm, the intake sound is to blame. Torque is quite good for such a small engine, the speed limit is 60, so I just cruise just under 2k rpm in fifth.

Handling is not one of its strong points, but it's understandable, it is a city car after all. The steering is quick and light, but the car's suspension isn't spectacular in any way, rolls and quite rough. A compromise due to the high roof line.

For 66K EGP, the level of equipment is generous, but barely generous. You have central locking, but only works from the driver's side. Electric windows all round with automatic control for the driver's, but in descent only. Electric side mirrors, awesome. 2 airbags, no one puts that into such cheap cars in Egypt, furthermore the Sirion has a 4 star Euro NCap rating. Dealer fitted Panasonic MP3 CD player, which I wish had auxiliary input. Originally came with 2 stock lousy front speakers, so I fitted extra Sony ones at the rear doors; the fitting method is poor and contributes more into door trim vibration, it could have been much better.

The big negative is the extremely expensive spare parts, it is just ridiculous.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2011

16th Jan 2011, 16:35

About the running costs, the fuel economy is great, but the spare parts are ridiculously expensive, therefore I rated it down. The plastic wheel covers cost 375 EGP each!

2nd Apr 2012, 06:43

You say "...economy is great"... - that's fantastic. But a quantitative measure in km/l or mpg or km/g is the best way of assessment. What are your figures, please? Thanks.

2nd Jun 2012, 05:03

Things have changed a bit, especially after I made the dreadful mistake of using 90 RON instead of 92 RON once. I was hitting 6.5 L/100km according to the ECU, and felt it. The RON 90 ran the engine quite rough and increased fuel consumption to 8's L / 100 km. Now I'm getting 7.8 L/100 km with a heavy foot and air conditioning.

Dunno if new spark plugs will get it back to the norm.

Until now I've run 20k kms, and it's running well except that I really need to improve the ride quality; quite crashy and rolls too much.