11th Sep 2004, 10:46

Since July I'm an owner of a Terios SX. This car was my dream and now its true! The motor runs perfekt and I'm very satisfied.Many, many people hier in Greece and in Crete where I live have a Terios. No one has such a big problem as you. The only problem I have is the Speakers. I had to buy two extra tweeters because the sound was bad. The front right speaker is making a noise, when the engine is running.That's the only problem until now! I think that the service center is responsible for your problem. Terios is an honest car. It's a big toy, that makes life better. I feel safe and lucky, when I'm driving that car.

27th Sep 2004, 02:51

The problems you had with your Terios is more of a human error in the service department. I have been driving my Terios SX for two years now, in fact I just came back from a long drive (3 hours) of highway (top speed 130kph) and off-road (max 45 deg. angle) carrying 3 adults and two kids and lots of baggage and came to the conclusion that this vehicle is really reliable and an able SUV. Here in Australia you'll see Terios everywhere and from time to time I had people approached me with interest about getting a Terios for themselves. About 3 months ago a couple of our friends decided to go camping so 3 vehicles went on convoy, a car, my Terios and a Holden Cruze. after an hour and a half of driving highway and off-road mountain, the Cruze owner told me that my Terios has a good acceleration compare to his. Here in Australia a cyclist had used Terios carrying a caravan for his convoy driving around the edges of Australia. That's a long drive and the only major problem thay had is a punctured tire. I came from a big vehicle, you just really need to adjust your driving style with the terios, but once you get the hang of it, the rest are fun (and cheap) ;)

26th Oct 2004, 12:39

I Regard all Daihatsu cars as very reliable with few if any problems. Terios is certainly one of their preferred models. Pity it does not come in diesel. Here in Malta diesel cars are preferred due to better fuel consumption and lower fuel cost. I would not mention a missing fuel cap or cigar lighter as the car's fault, rather it is the supplier's.

8th Jan 2005, 10:08


I own a Terios manufactured in 1999. Very happy with it in general apart one thing...consumption! Its a very reliable vehilce, easy to manouvre, satisfactory on not-so-good roads, but consumption is too much. Here in Malta Terios seems popular and never heard complains on consumption, maybe mine is defect. Any help please??

17th Nov 2005, 16:16

Maybe you're car needs some tuning up! basically the car drives on all four wheels so it's like driving 2 cars at the same time, therefore consumes more fuel than a single car. having said that it consumes far less fuel than a midium or a full sized 4x4, even consumes less than a large sedan. I know this 'cause I use to drive a v6.

30th Nov 2005, 15:32

My Terios is a sweet looking sexy little number in gorgeous blue! I love it. In fact I'm in love with it. It looks after me and comes into its own when it rains and snows (often in the UK) GET A BUCKET.

16th May 2006, 18:08

My terios is the best car ever, I had an Isuzu pup diesel 1982, a Suzuki samurai 1987, and a Toyota Hilux 2wd four doors 1995, and my terios is a better car. I now don't go more than 120Km, but in my country is 90Km max speed. The 4wd is better than the Suzuki, the interior space is better than the Hilux.The people who knows about cars love the Terios.

10th Jun 2006, 21:43

Hey My Girlfriend has a terios and its great we took it off road and its great. I should know I drive a TD5 Land Rover Discovery Plenty of power great two park we love it. No trouble at all with it great car.

17th Oct 2006, 22:54

So, is that means Terios got good performance in general? If I would like to buy one, the range of production year preferred is 97, 98, 99, 00 are they got big different in different year? If so, which year will perform better?

4th Dec 2006, 20:28

I recently purchased a 2000 Terios, and now trying to do a little maintenance before putting her on the road. However, I'm having all the trouble in the world to fine engine mounts. Does anyone have know of a website/auto parts store in the Florida area that they can direct me to?

8th Jul 2007, 02:00

I have had the Terios 98 for ten years now. I love it; it is very reliable, and an extremely fun car. I did too many things with it; over the beach, splash in sea shore, make off road trips, and race with faster cars. It is fun good looking, reliable, and economical as well. The only drawback is the back seat can never fit three adults, and the pedals space is a bit narrow, but is fun, and I love it.

23rd Mar 2008, 01:18

I bought a Brand new Daihatsu Terios SX automatic 4WD 5DR Model J210 1500 CC which was manufactured in November 2007. It is found to consume about 13.5 Litres per 100 Km (i.e. 7.4 Km/L) although it is reported in the Web to give an average of 8.9 Litres per 100 KM (i.e. 11.2 Km/L. I generally drive at a speed of about 60-70 Km/h. Now I have done about 800 Km of travelling since I purchased this in January 2008. Other than the low fuel economy, I have nothing to make any adverse comments.

1. Can I have the experience of the vehicle users of the above model as regards fuel consumption?

2. What should I do to get a better mileage?

26th Sep 2008, 20:01

We just purchased a 2004 Terios from Canberra, ACT, Australia and drove it all the way to Hervey Bay, Queensland, over 1600 km trip after a couple of detours. This is an amazing car, it never missed a beat, ran like a dream, and we got around 10 km/ltr for the whole trip. Are yet to find out how economical it is around town.

I found it a really great little car to drive, handles really well on the highway, with speed up to 130 km/h (just to try it out of course!) So far we have no negatives to report.

2nd Oct 2008, 22:11

Sept 8th 2008 I purchased 1999 Terios Diahatsu & would like to know why my handbrakes & battery lights come on the dashboard. I feel being a single woman the mechanics may not be truthful to me. If anyone can give me true advice on what to do before I take it to someone. Thanks PVH.

5th Mar 2009, 04:46

I love my Terios. Never had a problem with it. Cheap to run and very reliable. My 21 year old son loves it. Many cars have come and gone in this household, but my baby has stayed beside me. Traveled interstate, more comfy than a plane and much cheaper.

20th Sep 2009, 17:50

I have had a Terios WD since September 2008, it's a very good car indeed, no problems with it till now except fuel consumption which is a bit high: 13 liters for every 100 k.m. The mileage is 5000k.m.

12th Aug 2010, 10:42

I am from Mongolia. I bought an old Terios 97. My car has been running for 5 years. I adjusted the engine and valves in July 2010. The engine is DOHC 1.3 and automatic transmitting. Fuel consumption was 13 liter per 100 km in the city. Now its consumption is 7-8 liter per 100km in the city. Offroad and high way 5-6 liter per 100km. We fitted 6 adults in the Terios and tripped 1700km. The bad is the engine noise at high RPM. Also carrying heavy things, the rear tyre parts are not supported for extra heavy things.

11th Oct 2010, 02:52

How can you adjust the engine and valves for the Terios? I have a Terios manufactured in 1997. The consumption is more than 13 L per 100 km. I am wondering how I can bring the consumption down.

Please let me know how you adjusted yours.


28th Apr 2011, 21:09

I think I'm going to buy a Terios, looks like a laugh!

4th Apr 2012, 01:13

I think am going to buy this car soon.

7th Apr 2016, 18:02

That's 18 miles per gallon! There must be something really wrong with your car.

6th Aug 2017, 10:50

Great response Bro, thanks a lot.