25th Oct 2004, 06:42

Having owned a Punto 1.8 hgt, and a Daihatsu YRV Turbo, I found that the latter is by NO means faster!

Maybe the punto you owned wasnt running properly or you just need to learn to drive.

5th Nov 2004, 07:21

I am looking at buying a YRV Turbo. It is faster than a standard Fiat Punto HGT. Not in top speed, but in overall acceleration to both 60mph and 100mph.

So the YRV is faster to the limits. No need to take my word for it.

A smaller engine does not mean less performance. The old 1.4GT Punto murders the 1.8HGT to the test limits.

But the real question is, how many people have owned a Fiat Punto HGT and a Daihatsu YRV turbo?

Surely not many?

Would it not be more a case of - Has Fiat Punto HGT, but does not like the idea that a silly looking YRV Turbo could beat a Punto HGT. So even if the person in the YRV cannot drive we know what it means.

If its faster, its faster.

24th Feb 2006, 13:20

I wrote the orginal review on the YRV Turbo on this site. Since then we have bought another YRV Turbo. It's a two car family now. A Black one & a yellow one.

Not been short of problems though on both cars!

At 23K the black YRV Turbo suffered a massive gearbox failure. Had to drive all the way up the M6 from Lancaster to Edinburgh in 2nd gear! The gearbox was replaced under warranty in less than a week.

The engine-oil dipstick snapped and the poorly fitted aluminium footrest fell off its mountings.

The Yellow YRV required a new exhaust at 25K (replaced under warranty), new front brake disk and the footrest fell off the mounting too!

Great cars though?

Loads of fun. When the little turbo kicks in at 3000 prm you can be sure of a great time no matter what gear you are in!

Going to keep both of them till the fall apart!

26th Apr 2006, 17:38

Managed to pick a red YRV Turbo on the 'famous' internet site last week. Had to travel by train for 4 hours to get the car. I drove back through Derbyshire & the M1 to get it home.

What a great car!

It is ferocious for its size!

Who said 'ugly' is a bad ride?

Feel a member of a special club now, seen another one on the road last week and we almost waved at each other. The YRV is not without a few flaws. When you are embarrasing cars 5 times the price on the straights you cannot help laughing. It scares your friends to death when they have slagged you off for buying it. Just do not let them drive it. You will not get it back.

The engine is great.

The brakes are awful.

It looks odd.

Nobody knows what it is?

Should be fed tyres instead of petrol.

It can do 80mph is second gear!

With a manual gearbox - it would kill you - quickly!

Sure it will fall apart before I fall out of love with it?

Shame there is nothing more 'credible' on the market?

Simply a cheap boy's toy!

Buy One?

P.S - Modifiy it if you dare!? I won't. The trouble you have to go to just to keep you license these days?

17th Jun 2006, 03:04

Hi all.

I purchased a 2003 Red YRV Turbo, right hand drive.

At the time it was the first YRV in South Africa. In fact it was the demo vehicle used by Daihatsu to try and get the company here in SA to sell it on our market.

How ever, one year later I suffered a head on collision which resulted in a R92 000.00 or $13 731.00USD repair on the engine, gearbox and steering column.

The car was fine for another year. I also suffered the gearbox failure to change into any other gear, but second, following that "the gearbox melted all inside parts" according to Daihatsu over here.

Unfortunately we cannot for the life of us get any parts for the gearbox or even a complete one for that matter in SA. Don't even ask!

Please could you guys refer me to someone who will be able to sell me a gearbox complete? As I am up to this point missing it so much I am willing to import a gearbox myself. As it has been standing for a year now.

Please help me...

Mr. Anonymous, SA.

23rd Jan 2007, 09:01

I have had the YRV for 3 years now and I have driven 91K over the pot hole ridden island of Malta. I have even taken the car up to Sicily and driven right up to Milan. Fantastic acceleration however lacks in brakes and handling. I can’t understand how people claim to get 40MPG. I can only muster 260KM out of 30Liters, even when driving on Italian Highways.

Can’t complain at all about the quality of the car, 91000 Kms, and I never had a break down. I service the car every 7,000kms. P. S Maltese roads are extremely punishing even for large 4x4’s so this car has proved itself.

Esprit Borg Barthet


3rd Feb 2007, 07:20

Hi, I don't own a YRV Turbo (GTti) but I do own a 1990 Daihatsu Charade GTti, and I still love it. It did bog me down a bit thinking why did Daihatsu fit a auto gearbox? Why!!

I believe the YRV Turbo engines are similar or exactly the same as the Toyota Yaris engines. Try using a manual gearbox, then hell will be released - more power.

On my Charade GTti - the mods are reasonable, full stainless exhaust system, aftermarket downpipe, cone air filter, front mount intercooler, uprated clutch at standard boost, pushing out about 125bhp, and seems quick.

I would like to hear more comments from YRV Turbo drivers about these cars.

Want more info about Daihatsu Charade GTti's - check out http://www.daihatsu-drivers.co.uk/forum/cars. You can ask for AllanB for more info on the club website.


28th Mar 2007, 01:37

Hey guys!

Use this link http://www.carfolio.com/specifications/models/id/?id=81950

If you have any queries, just check it out. Now I don't own one, but I am looking around at the moment, as there are about 4 to 5 of them on the market (in NZ, so yeah not many), and apparently there are manuals out there, but I haven't found any as of yet, so I'm seriously thinking about buying one, but there is only one Tiptronic YRV available on the market. I guess it's better than auto I suppose.

9th Jun 2008, 05:34

What great little cars! very fast for their engine size, will thrash most 2.0L cars. I have read reviews and people complain about the handling, how it bounces round corners etc, I can see where there coming from but I think it handles much better than you would expect for an MPV! I've just ordered spax 25mm lowering springs £115, that should help a bit and will make the car look a lot sportier. I've also put a set of alloys on with 195 tires, noticeably more grip. Oh brakes are rubbish.

My exhaust rusted through after 27,000 miles so have replaced it with a stainless steel blitz nur spec-r. sounds absolutely gorgeous, only slightly louder than standard, also improves power when you hit 4,000rpm.

The car is really practical, with loads of head and leg space in both front and back! and big boot, all this in quite a small car.

I have no idea how people can get 40mpg! unless they drive at 2,000rpm everywhere. I'm probably getting 28 - 32 depending on how I drive. which for a 1.3 isn't that great but I can't complain as I love this car!

I've only just turned 19 so insurance is steep! very! but if you are 21 or more I assume is very reasonable being insurance group 8.

Would recommend this car to anyone, as it would probably appeal to anyone if you like its quirky looks!