3rd Jun 2009, 23:49

Hello... See, I didn't own the YRV, but I do have the engine... actually I drive a Daihatsu Move, but it has very low cc engine... it's a 660 turbo... hard for me to climb up hills and achieve 100 km even in straight way...

So I decided to transplant a YRV engine into my little move... The result, even I could not believe it... a small car with a big engine... and yet the engine was the most good achievement from Daihatsu... I can dash 0 - 140 in only 16 seconds... Yes I have to spend more on others modification such as adjustable shock absorber, custom discbrake system for rear wheel (original is drum system) and custom stabilizer bar, to hold my car from breaking into pieces. hehe... I'm very proud of my little Move with the YRV engine inside it... just like a silent killer...

14th Jul 2011, 21:43

I want to buy YRV model 2005, but I want to know about any complaints so far.. because I am afraid if it breaks down, I won't have any money to repair it.. help me and email me asmara3110@hotmail.com

9th Apr 2013, 00:09

Hi. I have the YRV turbo 4x4. It goes like a shower of s***e. Just had an auto service yesterday, and today no reverse, or 2nd or top gear. Must be the electronics? Any clues?

9th Apr 2013, 07:22

Who did the service? If it was a garage, then take it back and don't drive it. Sometimes auto box trouble is simply down to worn transmission fluid, too low a level or the incorrect type.

18th Apr 2013, 10:19

I own one of the last YRV Turbos in South Africa; a 2007 model with 85000km. I am 59, and I love this car and the performance embarrassment it causes.

Sadly 2 weeks ago it developed gearbox problems, which cost a lot to repair. I have started saving for the next break, because I love the car, and to replace it with a car of similar performance will cost me r350000.

So much fun and enjoyment. Will never sell; will find spare gearboxes.

14th May 2013, 20:24

I have one of these in New Zealand, it's an absolute rocket, but have blown the gearbox, and Toyota NZ are not interested in it. Will have to pull it down myself and rebuild with after market parts... This is common on the gearbox, and is very expensive to fix.

29th Nov 2013, 15:23

I have owned 2 YRV Turbos. They are great little cars that punch well above their performance. However, should the auto-box fail? You are in a world of hurt.

Thankfully the 2004 plate was replaced under warranty. The 2003 plate was out of warranty. Simply we could not face the expense of further repair. Sold them both.

Miss the cars terribly. The best performance for minimum outlay. They looked weird and queried often. I've owned lots of cars in my 41 years. The YRV Turbo(s), will always be remembered fondly. We (the family) still talk about them today. Fast little cars. Stuck you back in your seat. Yes, they could/can hit 80mph in 2nd gear. Lovely.

11th Jan 2015, 05:06

Would the owner who did the 1.3lt transplant and disc brake conversion please contact Cayuga Duck on

copenworld.com? I am very keen to know if I can do a rear disc conversion on my 1.3lt Copen.

21st Jun 2016, 19:26

My inlaws own a Daihatsu YRV, and have used it for 1 year now. He bought from someone in Nigeria and the performance is great, but all of sudden the car could not start. We have checked all this, but it still cannot start.

Please can someone really help me out on what maybe the possible cause of the car not starting and where one can get the possible solution to the challenge. My email is kentalkus@yahoo.com