1968 Datsun 1000 Classic Deluxe 2 door Coupe 1.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Bullet proof


I haven't done anything to the car as yet. It is drivable, but I keep it in the garage. It needs a good paint job, because the previous owner who had it for 28 years has done a GREAT BRUSH PAINTING. I do require panels and rubbers for it and hope one of you enthusiasts will help in some way. I am in Melbourne Victoria.

I was very surprised to see that these cars were also known as Datsun Sunny. I also own a 1981 Sunny and that has been converted to 2 liter sr20 det; it gives hard time to Holden and Ford V8s; it's very powerful.

Despite of the age of the car, the seats and plastic items in the car have cracked, all the rubber seals needs to be replaced only because this car was never garaged. The original wheels are still on the car, but it needs hub caps. The seats are worn out and need replacing.

General Comments:

This car is a bullet proof; that is why they are still around, and will be for a while.

It is very economical and small, a very light car, and handy to drive around the town.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2008

1967 Datsun 1000 b10 1.0 carby from Australia and New Zealand


A buzz box of fun and exhilaration


I replaced the cylinder head gasket twice, as the first time I accidentally put it on backwards.

Removed the redundant timing chain tensioner.

Rebuilt the engine with 11:1 compression and a very large camshaft.

All was fine till the increased valve spring tension caused the bolts retaining the rockershaft to strip.

Removed cylinder head and fitted larger bolts, and then proceeded to re-contour the combustion chamber and ports.

Fitted extractors and Weber carburettor.

Rebuilt the gearbox, as the hard gearshifts had damaged the synchro-ring shift keys.

Fitted electric high volume fuel pump.

Gutted the interior of all trim, and left only a hand made instrument binnacle and two seats.

Installed a stronger differential carrier and housing, as well as larger tail shaft.

General Comments:

I truly loved the car. It performed incredibly well, and provided a reliable and extremely informative test bed for many ideas and innovations; as well as a lot of fun!

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Review Date: 13th July, 2003

1968 Datsun 1000 delux datsun L16 from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap to buy expensive to build


A lot, but still have the car to date.

General Comments:

The engine came out of a Datsun 1600and when put in the 1000it will go like a rocket.

It is being lowered with simmons mag wheels and painted in bright orange.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2002

30th Jan 2003, 01:42

Howd ya get and L16 in 1000...i got one I wanna do it... but how...totally dif series...

1st May 2003, 06:17

Please answer that guy... or me because I think it would be nearly impossible to fit a 1600 in a 1000 coupe. I would be interested to know the secret though if it can be done...

15th Nov 2004, 13:13

I have a couple of 1000's and I suspect that an L16 would be too tall to fit in a 1000. The transverse leaf spring front suspension is basically an immovable object that restricts the choice of engine according to height.

15th Mar 2006, 02:10

It is impossible to fit an L series into a 1000 they are too tall. Plus you would have to cut out the fire wall and move it back about 4 inches.

2nd Jul 2006, 06:31

L16 into a DAT 1K is not worth the hassle. Fit a A14/15 easy mod, lighter, revs harder! Add a turbo for instant fun.

Have fitted a L20 turbo to a DAT 1200 before, but wasn't that impressed with it for the amount of work I had to do to make it fit.

Have seen a FJ20 fitted to a 1000, but the guy had to change the front floor pan.


10th Feb 2013, 11:51

Why not use the Maxima V-6? Either the 3 litre at 190 horse power or a current 3.5 with close to 300 hundred horses. The V-6 is a light weight block, I believe 5 pounds lighter than the old Datsun 1600, yet with the modern computer electronics, fuel economy in a 1000/Sunny would yield (in gallons) mid thirties or better fuel economy. Just a thought... "Boomer"...