1978 Datsun 1200 1.2 from Guatemala


Tough, but not for me


Acquired in payment of a debt. Recently (crappy) painted before acquiring it, no door seals, paint is already falling apart.

Electric problem (poor wiring), keeps blowing fuses and coils.

Rain comes in through floor (corroded).

Gauges are not working.

Replaced auxiliary brake pumps.

Replace auxiliary clutch pump.

General Comments:

I accepted the car with the intention of using it as a daily commuter, but whatever I do, I can only use it once or twice, and then it goes bad again.

I usually bring my wife with me, and she seems really uncomfortable in the vehicle, which makes me feel bad too, so I have decided to sell it. I just hope I get at least the original price back.

Overall it's a good car. Being a classic, you get people's attention everywhere, which is no longer funny when you're stranded.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2012

1970 Datsun 1200 1.1 from North America




Went through several had gaskets. Engine finally blew at 76000 miles and was replaced.

General Comments:

Bought the car in 1970, and kept it until 1981. What a fun car to drive; great handling, economical, sporty and fast. Great for darting in and out traffic, quite simply put, a great car. Would love to find another one.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2010

8th Oct 2010, 17:20

This was a very popular car in Singapore, where they were used by most driving schools to teach people how to drive, replacing the ubiquitous Morris Minors, which were then getting on in age.

They were compact, easily placed on the road, had a sweet clutch/gear change and were frugal on petrol.

Shame that this practical design was replaced by the horrid 120Y/B210 from late 1973. Although the 120Y/B210 used carried over mechanicals, they just weren't the same, as they were fussily styled and detailed, and garish to look at.

1975 Datsun 1200 242-090Q A12 from South Africa


Reliable, quick and economical


Engine overhaul done at 220 000km as it was starting to use oil.

Rebored to 20 thou, so this was the first time the engine had been opened.

General Comments:

The most reliable car that I ever owned, never gave me any trouble and was in daily use.

Very easy to maintain as the engine is very basic and has plenty of space to work around in the engine compartment.

Quite fast for a 1200 as it had twin SU carbs.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2009

1971 Datsun 1200 Sedan? 1.2 from Australia and New Zealand


High revving fun for youngsters


Wear and tear and the odd ding.

General Comments:

I worked for a local newspaper outfit selling ads. There was a team of lads like me, all in our early twenties.

We soon discovered that these unbreakable little Japanese masterpieces babies could spin, slide and drift, all while revving their heads off. To say they were highly chuckable and hugely thrashable would be an understatement.

They felt like dodgem cars. We hit things from time to time, and the company mechanic used to give us grief, but we were soon back on the road - yippee!

I gave mine back when I left the company in the mid 70's. I know the plate prefixes, and I still see them around. Unbelievable. They must have a million miles on them by now.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2007

1975 Datsun 1200 from Australia and New Zealand


Bloody load of junk (some good advice -never buy one)


This car had nothing but problems from the time I bought it.

First the engine karked it after about 58000k. I think this is one of the quickest engines I have ever gone through.

Then the wiring went haywire, and nothing worked except the headlights.

I then had to have the suspension re-done after that karked it.

General Comments:

This car was the worst I have ever owned. It drives like a blind monkey and handles like a dizzy elephant. I sold it after 7000k as I had had enough of the bloody thing.

I had driving my dad's 79 Hilux a year before I bought this lump of junk, and I regret every second of not buying it off my dad for the same price.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2006