1975 Datsun 1200 242-090Q A12 from South Africa


Reliable, quick and economical


Engine overhaul done at 220 000km as it was starting to use oil.

Rebored to 20 thou, so this was the first time the engine had been opened.

General Comments:

The most reliable car that I ever owned, never gave me any trouble and was in daily use.

Very easy to maintain as the engine is very basic and has plenty of space to work around in the engine compartment.

Quite fast for a 1200 as it had twin SU carbs.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2009

1971 Datsun 1200 Sedan? 1.2 from Australia and New Zealand


High revving fun for youngsters


Wear and tear and the odd ding.

General Comments:

I worked for a local newspaper outfit selling ads. There was a team of lads like me, all in our early twenties.

We soon discovered that these unbreakable little Japanese masterpieces babies could spin, slide and drift, all while revving their heads off. To say they were highly chuckable and hugely thrashable would be an understatement.

They felt like dodgem cars. We hit things from time to time, and the company mechanic used to give us grief, but we were soon back on the road - yippee!

I gave mine back when I left the company in the mid 70's. I know the plate prefixes, and I still see them around. Unbelievable. They must have a million miles on them by now.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2007

1975 Datsun 1200 from Australia and New Zealand


Bloody load of junk (some good advice -never buy one)


This car had nothing but problems from the time I bought it.

First the engine karked it after about 58000k. I think this is one of the quickest engines I have ever gone through.

Then the wiring went haywire, and nothing worked except the headlights.

I then had to have the suspension re-done after that karked it.

General Comments:

This car was the worst I have ever owned. It drives like a blind monkey and handles like a dizzy elephant. I sold it after 7000k as I had had enough of the bloody thing.

I had driving my dad's 79 Hilux a year before I bought this lump of junk, and I regret every second of not buying it off my dad for the same price.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2006

1980 Datsun 1200 Pick- up 1.2 gasoline from Costa Rica


If you ever get one, you will never sell it


Absolutely nothing. My sister made the battery explode once, but that was because it wasn't tied up well.

General Comments:

It doesn't need a lot of gas. I just put like 15 bucks and that means like a week and a half.

It is very fast for a 4 gear car. I have left newer cars far behind with it.

It is made with the hardest steel you can imagine. I once crashed against a bus and I left unscratched.

It never needs water replacing. The water you see today, is the same you saw months ago; it amazes me until this day.

Compared to new cars, this is what Nissan should have kept making.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2004

14th Mar 2005, 05:27

High potential for modifications, very reliable.

5th Nov 2006, 01:56

These models dent like tin there made as strong as a pre fab house in a cat..5 cyclone.

5th Nov 2006, 07:31

Yes, I agree with your sentiments about tying your sister down - what did she do, drop a spanner across the terminals?

30th Apr 2009, 12:35

Hi there! I am a 14 year old boy and we have a 1975 ute (cream). I LOVE it and it cannot break!!

1974 Datsun 1200 delux 1.2 from South Africa


Brilliant little car on the whole


Cold start's a headache because of carbi which was then replaced with an a14 one.

Inside heater stopped working.

General Comments:

Very, very reliable.

Handles very well with the Tiger mags I have on.

Although the gearbox's a 4 speed, and noisy, very strong and built for rough handling.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2004

1971 Datsun 1200 Coupe A15 from Australia and New Zealand


My Datsun 1200 Coupe is worth its weight in gold


It took three secondhand gear boxes before I got a good one.

I also had to replace the differential around 40000 miles.

Radiator started leaking, needed replacing at 45000 miles.

Door hinges are also a problem.

General Comments:

The greatest cheapest car I have ever owned, unbeatable value for your thrashing dollar.

Very reliable economical runabout.

Dirt demon for sure and just eats up asphalt.

Underestimated! Was my first car and has outseen a few others, clearly my favourite.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2001