1976 Datsun 120Y cope 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Very reliable, well read my comments


Waterhose split.

Heater matrix leaked.

New Brake shoes and pads I have just had to renew for the first time.

Petrol pump renewed.

Rust and corrosion of body work is always a problem.

Driver seat split 4years ago, but black tape over the plastic has stopped it spreading.

Parts for bodywork are hard to obtain.

Near side front light cluster renewed after damage.

General Comments:

Very reliable throughout my ownership.

The only time it was not used every day was when I put diesel in to the tank and thought that the engine had gone!!!

And when it was broken into and rolled down a hill into a brick wall (by the way the car servived and the wall did not (I was suprised)

At the moment I have still to replace the drivers door window and the heater radiator.

I use the car every day its not fast, but keeps to 70 mph on the motorway.

Having four doors means that I can take people with ease plus other junk because my boot gets quite full.

I do have my mad moments and although it an auto it supprising how well it handles on corners.

The car often gets quite muddy inside and out when taking my tender, on the roof, down to my Yatch that is moored in the Medway (other wise known as the mud-way) but cleans up well.

I could do with new doors, wings, heater metrix and drivers door glass, two original wheel trims to bring it up to scatch, but it passed it last M.O.T with ease.

Apart from my stupidity and criminal damage the only complaint is after 29 years of use it getting major rust problems (mind you it was known as a rust bucket)

I love the car and was attracted by it for it was the same make as the car I passed my test in back in 1975 (but that was manual gears)

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Review Date: 28th May, 2005

14th Jul 2010, 10:37

A minor point - but this was not a 120Y coupe.

120Y coupe's were only 2 door plus rear hatch, rather than 4 doors that you claim. Sorry, but I had one (turquoise) for 3 years in 1982-5 and know when someone is fibbing.

1976 Datsun 120Y B210 Wagon 1.2 from Australia and New Zealand


Ever reliable friend that grows on you


Blows smoke.

Ergonomics suitable only for short people.

No hazard lights.

General Comments:

Nothing short of an 88mm anti tank gun can stop this vehicle.

It has provided outstanding service for nearly 30 years, the last 15 in my family's ownership.

The 120Y costs virtually nothing to run.

The cost of acquiring and fitting a reconditioned engine is as much as a standard service on some modern cars.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2005

1976 Datsun 120Y b210 coupe 1.2 coupe from Australia and New Zealand


A reliable, and economical sure bet


Absolutely next to nothing except that the motor started to burn oil, but the car just kept going. Car was bullet proof. Took punishment day in day out. Absolute fighter of a car. Just couldn't blow it up.

General Comments:

I generally found this car to be great for getting around. Very economical, and very uncomfortable.

I wanted to make it perform better and after all the modifications this little baby is an absolute monster. It now sports an 1800 turbo twin cam with larger brakes and suspension, and due to its lightness responds exceptionally well.

The interior has also been changed, now having sports seats, a descent console and after market gages. The factory seats were absolute bum numbing material.

Although the car puts out 250 brake horsepower with 627 newton metres of torque, it still gets the power to the ground quite effectively. This car now blows away most of the fastest cars on the road. It shocks the life out of people and is a real head turner, especially by young car enthusiasts.

I get the thumbs up from other drivers, when once upon a time they were called japanese crap.I've even had other drivers try to catch up to me in taffic just so they can talk to me about the car.

This little baby is in excellent condition, and its no wonder people chase me in traffic after they have seen a demonstration of its frightening acceleration, considering its age and model. Will definitely never part with it. Performance now is what it should have been.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2003

19th Mar 2004, 03:22

I had one of these little cars back in 1983.and loved it. I have had 5 different cars since then. and this little cute one came up, belonging to an old lady. I went to see it and it was in very good condition. only done 50000 kilometers. it goes like a rocket, and is automatic, which I need for my crook back. I can honestly say I love this little car and will never part with it...

4th Jun 2013, 09:52

I had a Turquoise 120Y Coupe in 1982 - the car was born in 1977 - it was thrashed to pieces (I was a 19 year old male) and it just kept on going and going and then some - rarely serviced properly.

Brilliant little car - though uncomfortable - kept for 3 years.

I wonder where it is now - reg WDM224R.