1982 Datsun 120Y 1.2 from Malaysia


An excellent car


Not much!

Only the brake shoes and the air conditioner blower.

There was slight rusting on the underside of the body, but after painting it is now okay.

General Comments:

The engine has not been overhauled in 19 years, the mileage is very big (we've been all around Malaysia and Southern Thailand in it and our daily mileage is about 70 KM minimum; the display reads a few million Kilometres) and still the car can go at 160 KM/h at a good fuel economy.

The bumpers are quite useful and the body is strong too.

We have a new Proton Wira (A Malaysian version of Mitsubishi Lancer). The Datsun's engine feels stronger than that of the new car. The Datsun's suspension is also more comfortable.

In short, it is a cheap and excellent car.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2001

29th Jan 2003, 00:08

I used to own a 1979 120Y. If you're looking for something special, you won't find it.

But if you're looking for a workhorse that won't let you down, this is the one.

Mine was unfortunately stolen in 1988, but even though it had been terribly abused by its previous owner (the only reason I could afford it then), it never let me down, even though by the time it was stolen it was using a pint of oil in about every 100 km in town, or about every 500km on the open road!

And... I could still get 160 km/hr out of it without having to worry about the pennies!

Funny how when you tell someone how fast it went they don't believe you, but we know, don't we?

I've seen a few driving around as taxis, and living in a third world country, that means no maintenance, on the road continuously, and hard driving on all kinds of roads - yet they still keep going!

I don't think Nissan has ever built a car to match it since, but obviously comfort and options are key elements today.