7th Apr 2004, 19:47

Datsun 120Y. I got it since 1978 and until now it still new. economy, strong body, high performance and you still can't get this car now day. My still in original condition, with steel tyree cap, bumper and also it original paint. I use it for my daily activities and it is very comfortable compare to others.

16th Aug 2005, 19:55

I am going to buy a 120Y and put the motor out of my EXA into it as my EXA has to much rust. I think the 1.5L turbo engine should do wonders for the 120Y. Wish me luck on buying a good one though.

25th Oct 2005, 19:25

I have a 1979 Datsun and let me tell you, this is a car that can't die. I've been driving this car for 6-years and the only thing I had replaced on this vehicle was (points, plugs, petrol filter & air filter) This is truly and car that can't die, one day I saw the heat rising and no where to stop so a kept driving,when I stopped the engine did not want to turn, all I did was removed the spark plugs and turned the ignition a few times, there was water in the number 4 & 3 piston. refitted the plugs and refilled that radiator and off I went. this car is still running.

26th Oct 2005, 08:52

I just buy a 1982 Datsun 120Y. I buy this car because I heard that it is fuel economical. I like this car, but I have to modified some part since last owner had not drive it for a long time. Still a lot have to be fixed. Hope to get any advice from anyone who know about this car.

22nd Dec 2005, 23:40

My dad have a 120Y. Changed to Turbo Red.

19th Jul 2007, 00:58

Hi, I'm from Ipoh Perak and have been using a Datsun 120y 1982 model, I am very satisfied with the performance, it's a very economical car and it is built tough, I will never trade it with any other car... it is truly a work horse non other can beat it accept for the speed, but the most important thing is it gets you where you wanna go, low in maintenance... my suggestion to those owners out there stick to it through tick and thin...


4th Nov 2008, 19:57

Do anyone know what is your DATSUN fuel consumption nowadays? How much it cost you for 100KM road with one litre petrol @ RM2.55? I would like to get how your car perform.

Thanks for your help.

14th Nov 2008, 07:48

I'm also from Ipoh, Perak though now working in Singapore. I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted a white colored Datsun 120Y cruising down Orchard Road in Singapore about four months ago. I have one 1981 120Y back home and just had it's engine top-overhauled and its rusty body repainted. It still an excellent car for almost anything and can still keep up with most modern cars. Its fuel consumption is still remarkable even by today's standards, and spare parts are still easily obtainable and very cheap compared to nowadays cars. A very relevant car indeed especially in this trying economic times. Give up my ole' faithful Datty? Never!!

20th Nov 2008, 07:06

I just bought a Datsun 120Y B310... for my second car. Really amazing. The pickup is very powerful; more than my Proton.

I'm using the car for my daily routine without a big problem. Datsun models have become popular again. A popular choice for restorers, and some are used in drifting activities.

Some info about Datsun enthusiasts in Malaysia can found here http://www.keretalama.com/portal.php or http://retrosyndicate.freeforums.org/index.php

13th Jan 2009, 21:43

Hi every 120y's owner out there. My parent's bought it in 1981 (brand new). The car is amazing. I can say that the quality of interior is 100 times better than new car nowadays.

I did one top overhaul last 2 year. Until today the car is in a perfect shape and well maintained.

We did change the colour 3 times, and now it's a silver colour.

The only problem is the lower part of the body easily gets rusty. We never did any modifications to this car, and even the Datsun D cap on the wheel is still there (on all wheels.. 4)

I'm very proud of it, and even if you're a millionaire, you cannot have this model anymore. HIDUP 120Y!

20th May 2009, 15:19

My restored Datty (top-overhauled engine, new paint, new wheels) performs like a jewel even managing to give some of those Ah Bengs in their loud, souped-up Wiras a run for their money once in a while. And the pesky Mat Rempits don't dare tangle with old cars like mine as they all know that the ole school cars had tougher bodies, hence trying to crash into my Dats wouldn't be a good idea! Long live the Dats!!

25th May 2010, 00:17

I've got a 120y, and I've put a 2 inch exhaust with extractors on it, and it has opened it up heaps, and I'm about to put a twin carb on it. It is unstoppable!!!

15th Dec 2010, 14:26


I also have Datsun 120Y, but now its exterior & interior is ruined. But my car is mechanically well maintained, and it runs superb. I just love its engine's heavy sound; it feels like a turbo.

Please Datty riders, guide me on what modifications should I make, to make my ride BOOOOOOOOOOOOM?