16th Feb 2009, 13:33

I own a 1970 PL521 Datsun Pick-up that I got at 75000 miles and used it to deliver newspapers for years.

I don't deliver papers anymore, but I still have that truck and I now have over 400000 miles on it and it still is running strong.

The only real problem that I have had with it was the mechanics that work on it. Being an older truck even with a straight body, it is hard to find somebody that will do quality work. "It an old truck" they say. And I reply, "so?"

I get 35 miles to the gallon on the freeway and I challenge any other car or truck to last as long as Datsun.

16th Mar 2012, 18:18

I have a 1971 PL521, the L16 let go so I'm attempting to install an L20B with a 5-speed out of an early 80's 200SX. The drive shaft needs to be shortened. Does anybody know of another model Nissan that would have an appropriate sized drive shaft that would fit? A local shop wanted $300 to shorten mine. Any advice would be appreciated at a1986monte@hotmail.com


14th Jan 2013, 16:18

Yes you can, Beebani has taken over production on a conversion kit.

Ratsun car forums are a good place for more information.

14th Jan 2013, 16:21

I'm looking to replace my distributor for my '70 pl521. Looking to have the little black box on the side. I've been told you can pull one from a later 280ZX?



28th May 2014, 11:25

Body and bed parts, you can get at a junk yard in Apache Junction, Arizona. I bought the truck, but only needed the frame.

28th May 2014, 14:40

I have a 1970 521 with dual points.

How do I change it to electric ignition?

Can I change the distributor to a single point system, so that I can put in a Pertronix kit ????

29th Oct 2015, 22:28

Hot-Spark Ignition makes a conversion for it - works great.