1976 Datsun 180B 1.8L from Australia and New Zealand


Dato's rock this is real fun car


Only paid $100 dollars for it.

Paint is almost not existent however there's almost no rust (small amount in doors and rear quarters)

Seats are worn and seat belts just starting to fray.

Replaced the radiator, water pump, grille, and shaved the head after running into a kangaroo on the way to work and cooked it trying to get it home.

Brake master cylinder started to leak replaced it with the one from my old Sunny.

Engine is getting tired.

General Comments:

This car is a lot of fun in the wet or on dirt.

It was a very quick car I've had it up to 185 km/h plus (out run a mate in his 2003 Subaru Forrester)

Getting ready to give it a respray, and maybe dropping a 2.0L engine in it or a slightly worked 1.8L (depending on what the minister of war says)

Running 14" rims and air shocks gives it a real stiff ride.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2006

4th Apr 2007, 22:33

I owned a 1974 180B about 12 years ago and there is no way you can beat a 2003 Forrester. It was an excellent car and never broke down, but as for speed... it was slow.

1981 Datsun 180B P810TX L 18 1.8 cc from Indonesia


Reliable and dependable


We found her abandoned in a garage for a year after it's been painted, previous owner smashed her onto a light pole cause a 4 cm setback to the left front wheel.

Once we got it we rebuild the engine: piston rings, all metal bearing, timing gears and chains, water pump, clutch set, new carby, etc at 190,000 kms.

Replace the starter motor at 230,000 kms due to soaked in flood

Replace the rear axle at 280,000 kms with used part due to broken cover and worn out gear.

The second complete engine rebuild done at 330,000 kms.

Electronic Ignition installed at 340,000

Body started to rust in 1993, and finally she got new paint job in 2003.

New A/C in 2003

Visco water pump installed at 390,00 kms

Replace the steering box at 400,000 kms with used part due to worn out gear.

General Comments:

Good, reliable work horse. The car is now 14 years in family and consider one of the best 180B lasting in Indonesia. The problem with this car is mainly in transmission and rear axle, front seats are easy to worn out too. We're satisfied with this car, we hope we got it since new. The challenge of keeping her on road is expensive parts, compare to my 1985 W123 Mercedes 200, 1981 VC Commodore 2,85 SL/E and My 1983 VH Commodore 1,9 SL/X.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2006

10th May 2010, 07:39

Yup! She has been 17 years now in family and keeps on doing well... got a new mate too, a 1991 Isuzu Gemini 1.5 turbo diesel automatic. I love my Dats!

1983 Datsun 180B 1.8 L18 from Egypt


Cheap and Strong


-Need seats

-Changing starter motor after 9 years of owning

-Changing brake bads every 2 years

-Changing cylinder head after 7 years of owning

-Changing clutch when I by it then changing it again with the pressure clutch and the master cylinder after 9 years

-Fixing the fuse box

-Fix the car and paint it in 2003 after an accident

-The A.C was not working, but I fix it at 2005 (8 years without A.C)

-Changing master cylinder of the brakes.

-Changing the water pump about 6 times over 10 years

General Comments:

-Max speed 170km/h

-14.9 sec from 0 to 100km/h

-1 liter of fuel for 10 km

-Good air conditioner

-Cheap spare parts.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2006

1976 Datsun 180B GL/GX (Not sure) from Australia and New Zealand


Go the dato!!!


** Before you read this, please note: I am a chick, just 24 years old. This is my first car & I knew nothing about cars before I got this lil baby. Forgive me if I don't know all the correct car terms (I am still learning!)

Puchased the car for $500.

Cost me $1400 to get roadworthy (Not sure what was wrong, but the car dealer told me it'd be $250, then I got ripped... but that's a whole other story!!)

My starter motor was first to go. The car was very hard to start for about two weeks before that, always took a few good revs to get it started though - especially on colder mornings!

My carburettor went while on a fishing trip, took 5hours to get home... Managed to obtain a reconditioned one (I know a great guy who can do this real cheap... post a msg if you are having this problem)

I had a slow leak in my back tyre for 6 weeks (that was before I knew what a 'slow leak' was!) A 'new' secondhand tyre fixed that problem.

I bought her a rebuilt alternator a few months later. Unfortunately it turned out to be a tiny little fuse that was causing all my problems (So, if anyone's in the market for a secondhand alternator - let me know!)

Not long after that I got my second starter motor (yes, AGAIN)

Few small problems (New Battery and back tyres replaced)

A rubber cooling tube near the manifold was replaced because it had crumbled... (yes, that one is the correct term... it literally CRUMBLED!!!)

Turns out that tube should've highlighted another problem in the cooling system... but for some reason it wasn't picked up - a reconditioned radiator was my next purchase.

A few months ago my brakes went, so a friend of mine, refilled the brake fluid & bled the brakes. The problem was solved.

Two days ago, my brakes went again. After taking it in to a Brake 'specialist' it was discovered that the master cylinder has karked it. (Along with my brake pads) I'm getting it fixed up tomorrow.

General Comments:

In my experience, whenever something has been suspected to be the cause... it's always the next big thing (except in the case of the alternator as above!)

My advice to anyone buying a Datsun 180B, Find a good mechanic & at least 10 good wreckers.

I have been told that the most popular parts to go in Dato's are the carby, radiator & the starter motor. My car has had all of those problems to date, and it also has extreme rust in the boot & lower doors.

All in all, I haven't spent that much (Considering all of the work that has been done!) But to all new owners - and there can't be many of you out there - DO NOT ACCEPT THE FIRST QUOTE YOU RECIEVE. Shop around, make the calls - you will find it somewhere cheaper & better!

I LUV MY LIL DATO - fits me well. Everyone I meet has a Datsun story - anyone over 35 has owned one at one stage in life. It's a great conversation starter.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2006