1st Aug 2005, 18:29

I too have a z car. (my first one, but not my last!) it runs great and just put a nice speaker system in it. (5,700 watts!) LONG LIVE THE Z CARS!

23rd Oct 2005, 00:21

On the tall comment; there is more room in my 280 than in my 260, and a lot (or at least it seems) more than in either of my 240s.

28th Nov 2006, 10:19

I have just gotten my first car and it happend to be a 280z it needs some work and I need a good place to buy parts in the state of washington.

12th Jan 2007, 11:08

There is only one bad thing about having a Z car, they are super hard to find parts for. So before you buy one, make sure it is good shape and has all working parts. The good thing about them is you can get great power out of them. I just bought one and super charged it, and put a cool air intake on it and a dual exhaust, and I got 100 more horse power out of it. I have custom rims and GoodYear tires on it. I just put in a sound system and I have 800 watts going though it. It is fast and fun, so enjoy it.

8th Feb 2007, 12:48

My husband bought a 1977 280Z last year that sat in storage for 20 years and then was sold and say around for another 10 years. He wants to completely restore it and sell it. It has a whopping 28,000 original miles on it. Any one have any ideas how much it would be worth when completely restored (meaning everything from an entirely new fuel system, to a new paint job, new interior and everything)? Please e-mail me Auroradream21@earthlink.net if anyone has any ideas.

17th Aug 2007, 11:35

I love reading your comments. I love my 1977 Datsun 280z, Thanks. as far as parts are concerned, get a subscription to "Black Dragon Automotive" I've rebult my suspension, engine and transmission relatively. Thanks to them for making it possible.

Christopher J. Callagher.

13th Jun 2008, 02:53

I have a 77 z. I am the second owner and have had it for 18 years. It runs great 142000 miles and it still goes over 100 mph (thou sadly not as fast as it used too). I am getting ready to do some work on it. Not sure if I will do some after market parts or keep it original.

5th Dec 2008, 10:44

What is the difference from the 75 l28 from the 77 l28 motor that would give it a 20+ hp increase? Could this be achieved with little mod to the 75?

9th Dec 2008, 16:33

I think the main difference is the head, the later one has steel sleeves in the exhaust ports, don't know how combustion chambers differ or compression ratios. The only other things I know of are EGR valve which I doubt adds any power, some of the models had 'dual point' distributors which I believe was also to decrease emissions, and I would have to imagine the ECU's are different.

I'd change the computer first just because its easiest, then research the different heads, I believe the late head (76 I think to 78) is pretty good all around with no work done to it. Hope this helps.

14th Apr 2009, 07:12

It's already got a cold air intake built in, so don't waste your money. And I was wondering if the Z's are hard to take the headers off due to rust or anything. I have a 1978 280z, so let me know.


18th Nov 2009, 21:47

I have a 1977 Datsun 280Z with no rust and 7400- miles on it. The line inside the fuel tank cracked, causing the car with a half a tank or less to draw air and not run right. Fill it up and it runs fine. Anyone know where I can get a gas tank? The refurnished is 500 hundred bucks. The car is getting stripped and painted this winter, and when I get it, I want a new tank before I under coat it.

Thanks, Bob rwdzurka@yahoo.com

2nd Dec 2011, 21:10

280z parts are cheap and easy to find, for me anyways.

21st Jul 2017, 17:48

Values on these are climbing fast. A low mileage one like yours, completely restored, can be worth well over 25K. I have seen them go over 40, but they were very good shape, original, non restored. I have one that is appraised at 26K and it is heavily modified, but the body is mostly stock minus the bumpers. I've had it since '97 and love it more and more. Of all the cars I've owned, it is by far my favorite, and I've had a lot of nice cars, but none have been as raw and enjoyable.

22nd Jul 2017, 12:32

I had a beautiful white 280ZX 2+2 with the dark glass T too in the 80s. During that time I also had other cars including a Corvette at the same time, a 450SL Roadster etc. The 280ZX had overall the most favorable looks and comments. At times I just wish it had some more power. But overall driving was nice about towns and on trips. I had some air conditioner issues. And made the mistake of dropping something heavy under the rear hatch. Cracked one of the T Tops; no fault of the car. The build quality overall back then was great. I went with the 2+2 because I had a child seat in the back. More rare model. Very reliable satisfying car to drive daily. Good luck!