4th Jul 2009, 03:29

Got one of these with lots of miles... must use as a transpo car so I can't push or thrash it... I drive it nicely, and am replacing shocks, tires, etc... still, it's a thrill driving even moderately in this beauty... all original, you can feel the perfect weight displacement, feel the smooth power of even a well used engine, the joy of sitting low to the pavement, plus with plenty of leg room for an over-six-footer... much rather have a nicely aged classic that I have to drive sweetly than a new generic sports sedan that you can rip up the roads in, but never get the feel of sports car history and superb design... I'd love to have had it when it was new, but I might not have appreciated the beauty of this machine as I do after even this many years...

30th Oct 2010, 00:49

This is a straight up race car, dammit! I recently built an engine, mostly stock. I polished and matched the heads, lumpy cam, rebuilt the turbo, slapped an intercooler on and various other things (exhaust 3 inch straight pipes, suspension, brake upgrade and a snappy mega squirt ECU). Bottom line, I killed a Ferrari 308 GT yesterday!

That's right. I spent about 4000 on parts and 2000 on the car itself, and sent a yuppie home with his nuts in a doggie bag. If you want to build a fast car on the cheap, this is it kids!!! I don't even waste gas on showing these Civic punks their cars are tin cans.

There is a huge following of Zed Heads that build these things. Lots of online support, and most parts are interchangeable from the 260 on to the first gen 300 s. That, and you can find these things in the wreckers or dummies that have no idea they are selling a full on Japanese muscle car.

That and they're meant to be modified. Aftermarket galore. Can't say enough about these things, so I'll shut up now.

Long live the Z!!!