6th Apr 2007, 22:04

I have had the same year truck in a 2WD, and I love it. I had to replace the 5 speed at 270,000 miles, the front bearing seized. Every now and then when the engine is cold it emits a cloud of blue smoke. The truck is very reliable, but the best in town mileage I've ever has is 18 mpg, and 22 on the highway. It's a great little truck, and I wish the truck makers had not gone to the extra big trucks they have now. I do plan to restore mine, and would like it pristine again.

30th Aug 2007, 01:55

These little trucks are pretty insane, going places you'd think you wouldn't be able to =) Finding a rear window for this truck was a long, hard to find process, but I finally got one! For a excellent price too.

It does have a idle problem which it will rev up one moment and then be close to dying the next.

I enjoy driving this truck, its like a little race truck =)

Alright on gas mileage, could be better though =(

Its been in my family for a loooong time and its still running and doing what a car does, which is get you from a to b.

12th Apr 2008, 23:34

I have a 1982 4wd and love it. I replaced the original engine with a Jasper rebuilt at 314,000 miles. The tailgate handle broke a few weeks ago and I'm having a hard time finding one. But everything else is running great.

27th Jun 2008, 20:39

I just got a 720 and 5th gear is out at 238k. It's a diesel and was wanting to know if a standard 5speed would work or would I need one out of another diesel.


6th Mar 2009, 22:11

I have a 1983 Datsun pick up with 272,000 miles, and she cranks right up and takes off. I have only had it for about a month, and today my right front lower ball joint popped out when I was pulling into Arbys for lunch, the right front hit the ground and I plowed a ditch through the parking lot about 30 feet. Is this a hard fix, does anyone have any advice on what or how to go about this problem?

My starter hangs up sometimes, but I can't complain, I love my old truck and would love to fix it up. Any info on any and all parts or ideas would be great - email me @ mndfkr@roadrunner.com, put 1983 Datsun in the subject box. Thanks.

20th Mar 2009, 21:20

I have a 1982 also. Bought it 5 or 6 years ago for 500 dollars. The best money I have ever spent. 60,000 miles later at 185,000 it's still running good.

I have also had all the issues with idling fast one day and dieing the next.

Replaced the ball joints (easy).

Alternator is only a 50 amp so not much good.

Gas mileage 18 city and 22 highway.

Found an old rusty 86 Nissan and replaced everything inside the ext. cab including dash, seats, carpet, replaced steering with tilt wheel with some mods to the blinker switch assembly. The 86 blinkers and headlight switch wouldn't connect and work correctly. Had to machine out the assembly so it would fit steering section.

Great truck! Will never sell. Trying for million miles!

24th Mar 2009, 20:43

I have heard that most of the idle problems are fixed with new vacuum hoses. I have not tried this with my 1980 yet, but I have only had her about two months, and the master brake cylinder was first on the list.

I would agree that I am very pleased with this vehicle even after owning everything from classic Mustangs to Volkswagens and Hondas. She has been easy to work on so far, and reliable. I did have trouble keeping her running the other day, but it was a vacuum hose... those are supposedly pretty important.

Anyone have spare chrome front bumper? Lock for the gas cap door? Some little things like that I am having trouble finding. Other than that, we are developing a love affair. Highly recommended, even at almost 200,000 miles.

23rd Jul 2009, 05:18

I would probably have the best 81 720 pick up (ute as we call them over here), managed to find one shed-ed for 20 years, it has done 40 thousand kilometers. Looks and still smells brand new, it's a diesel... Rick of South Australia.

28th Jul 2009, 00:39


I have just got a 1983 720 diesel for free, it has a custom box on, because of this "Dolly" weighs a bit more than normal. She's not on the road yet and I was wondering how she will run and what engines will fit right in her? Any info would be great.



23rd Sep 2009, 11:59

I'm looking into buying an 83 720 Datsun pickup. Body has just been redone, 80,000 miles. The speedometer doesn't work though and that makes me nervous about buying it, but I imagine these trucks last forever anyway.

He's asking $3000.00 for it - I'm wondering if this is a reasonable deal? Too high or too low for this vehicle?

New tires/rims

New carpet

AM/FM CD player

Can anyone give me a good website resource to research it?


4th Nov 2009, 02:08

I have an 82 Datsun Diesel pickup. I love it. Only 160,000 miles and the only problems are getting parts when they wear out. My wiring is old. The water pump went out about 10 years ago, and was replaced, but I think I did some minor engine damage -- but it WAS 10 years ago and am still driving it. Then there was the gas in the engine... It hauls everything. Doesn't go fast, but goes! Once got 40 mpg, but now high 20/s low 30's. An old key broke in the ignition switch. The locksmith knocked it with a hammer, and now it's broken again. Would like to replace the ignition switch to keep it alive for a bit longer. I don't work on trucks and have a hard time finding people to work on it. Any help?

Thanks! (and let's lobby the car industry to build more small trucks that do their job without getting lousy mileage. I said I'd keep my little truck until they make one that gets the same kind of mileage. Had I known I'd be keeping it for 30 years, I would have taken better care of it.

Here's to little old Datsuns!

24th Aug 2010, 22:34

I have a 1982 720 King Cab. It has a 1987 Nissan 2.4 liter motor, and has 28,000 miles on the motor and trans.

I'm looking for a new rear end for it. I have increased fuel lines, have a single turbo, new carburetor, new heads, and new pistons. The motor stock has about 105 HP, and now I'm running about 190 HP, the truck now has too much power for the rear end, and anytime I take the truck over 2200 RPMs, it torches the rear end.

I have never had any problems out of it, and it runs amazingly.

4th Jan 2011, 16:18

A rear end outta a wd21 or d21 would work wonders, the hb233 or whatever. They're stronger than 8.8 Ford axles.

27th Apr 2011, 18:15

My grandfather just gave me a 82 Datsun 270 about a month ago. It sat on the farm for about 6 years before I got it and is full of mouse nests. It really needs a new dash and needs new carpet. I am gonna sand it and paint it this month. The body is straight and it runs great. It has 134,000 miles.

I have had 1980s Toyotas and I think this truck is better than the Toyotas I have had. I love the truck. I messed with the vacuum hoses and that sort of fixed the idle problem.

Great truck.