18th Sep 2012, 17:57

You will need another diesel trans. The starter on a gas is on the opposite side.

3rd Dec 2012, 17:44

I have a 1983 Nissan/Datsun diesel sedan. Would like to to put that engine into a pickup. Is there a best truck to use? Or is it a big problem to swap?

18th Dec 2013, 23:06

I bought my Datsun King Cab new in 1982 and have had it ever since; it has 247,000 plus miles and is still running.

It behaves just as the other owners said and is definitely noisy as hell; seems I don't remember it being so noisy when I first bought it.

Mine has a 5 speed stick shift, and can have both a jerky and bumpy ride from bad shocks.

I didn't use it much in the last 4 years, but have been driving it a lot lately; it is leaking lots of oil from the main seal. Nonetheless, as soon as I turn turn the key, the engine turns. I of course have to warm it up otherwise the truck stalls, but once it gets going, it picks up speed and drives well on the freeways.

19th Apr 2015, 08:01

The reason it's got an uneven idle is probably due to a vacuum leak.

28th Apr 2015, 06:27

I have a 1982 king cab 5 speed 2wd (MVP package) PU that I bought in 7/82; 259,000+ miles of bumpy rides. The last 15 years it has been as noisy as heck, but it still is a reliable ride. I think that noise reducer in the front of the air filter compartment isn't working as well as it used to (at least that is what controls the loud noise). If anyone has had success with and knows how to quiet the carb or engine noise, please post it and help us keep from losing our hearing.

By the way, it is my son that is now driving my truck; his big Ram truck drinks too much gas, so he uses mine. I have to look it over every week or so to make sure she is being kept up.

10th Aug 2017, 11:41

Do you still have the truck? What should I look for if I'm planning to buy one?